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Of cultures and their custodians


Read that and move along, its become a common occurrence these days anyway. But what makes me wonder is how this news never got featured in the media(Mainstream). Why wasn’t there as much outrage as we saw on the Mangalore episode? What differentiates this brutality from the one that was perpetrated by the goons in Mangalore?

I think this should have got the same attention and abhorrence as the other episode and so should all other violent acts against women.

But why the discrimination? Because Maharashtra is not ruled by BJP? Because “Women and child welfare ministry” ceases to exist in Mumbai? Because the media cannot make its money selling this story to the drama loving public? Because it was not captured “live” to create a sensation???Why?

Infact there are some very curious things to note in this episode.

1. The lady was a student from Pakistan. So much so for the guest being considered next to god. And yeah she is from Pakistan, so we don’t care.

2. The guy who started all this was a member of a local NGO. NGO for violence ON women?

3. The “slapping” was done by women.

I don’t know if those words tattooed on the back is wrong or right (It must be I guess, if it hurts sentiments of many people). What I know for sure is that violence of any form against a woman is wrong.

People who talk about men always harassing women, for “preserving” culture, hows that for a cultural shock to you. Hope there will be a protest meet somewhere, if not at MG Road, atleast in their thoughts.

‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta’ – – where woman are worshiped, God resides

Am pretty certain that’s the gods are leaving India slowly but steadily.

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Cast’e’ Away.

The caste divide has become bane of Hinduism and India. the only gainers from this whole perverted scheme of things seem to be either the  Upper Caste land lords  and the politicians of the lower caste.  Akin to cancer the only cure for it is to kill it in its roots and not leave even a trace of it.

What probably started as a noble cause to delegate work among themselves, our ancestors turned it into a 4 headed monster. A monster that has 4 heads, but for sure no brain. Just like the ones who propogate it!! Yes I did say that.
How else will you describe a social set up that makes a life pure/impure from birth!! A baby born in this world is probably the most purest thing, be it a brahmana or a shudra. How will you explain the fact that a precious life form becomes untouchable as soon as it makes its way into the world.

By definition, a brahmana is one who understands the Brahman(God) ,understands the Vedas and preserves the spiritual aspects of peoples lives, A Kshatriya is one who protects people, a vaishya is the Trader/peasant class and the shudra is the labour classes. Probably this was not decided at birth but by the duty one undertook, and i dont see a reason why a shudra should become an untouchable , or why a brahmin should preside over the other 3 classes. They just are doing their jobs.  But then almost every human institution degenerates and this is what probably has happened .

I am questioning the Caste system prevelant today.

Why should a baby born to a brahmin be a brahmin when the baby does not even know what the hell the Vedas are or for that matter who the hell(heaven) God is?? Why should a shudras baby be a shudra when it probably is not even a fraction dirty as a grown up brahmins mind is??
What would you call a brahmin kid who tends to like trading than reading the vedas? What would you call a kshatriya boy who is too afraid to fight and falls down unconscious when he sees blood. Who the hell are the brave soldiers who fight on the borders of our country so that we don’t get to see another Mohamed of Ghazni? Do they all belong to the kshatriya class. If so would a brahmin send his son to join the armed forces? Is a shudra allowed to send his son?? and is a shudra joins the army is he given a separate quarters because he is an untouchable?
In the present world can a CEO say that he is the topmost class and a mechanic is an untouchable?? How much more nonsensical can it get?

Why is it that the caste system is so prevalent that it has become a synonym to Hinduism all across the globe? Why is it that we are the way we are….Once the richest Nation and now among the poorest.
Why is it that we dont seem to learn!

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Madrasa students now eligible for government jobs


Oh yeah!! What more do we need? Minority appeasement at its very best.
Before you start making “facist/hindutva” noises at me, just think it over. A certificate that equates children who study science, maths, english, social and stuff like that with children who study the Quran and the Hadith?? How much more can these politicians stoop to?
No I am not against the madarasas or the muslims, but religious education enough for a job?? So some one educated in a  madrasa can apply for the job of a scientist? And research what about the quran?
Then why dont they issue a doctorate to the people teaching in the madarasas?Mullahs are they called? They surely can write a thesis about Quran and the Hadith for sure!!
Hell the best thing would be to reserver 30% seats for madrasa educated youth in any goverment jobs. I suggest there should be reservations in the private sectors as well. How dare the private companies reject madarasa edcated youth ina job interview. They know the Quran by heart, what more is there to be learnt in this world?

Why do they stop with just muslims, lets give the same certificate for brahmin kids learning the mantras, and confer a doctorate to all the priests in the temples. and lets do the same with christians , sikhs and all other religions.

God why dont these politicians die when there is a terrorist attack? Why is it always the poor Indian?

Hey i have a few other suggestions too..
Why not confer the status of corporal, general , luietinent major etc to the terrorists who can wield the gun and fight? after all, the army is doing the same thing.

Also give a praticing license and MBBS certificate to the roadside hakeem with tents.

Give an engineering degree to all the mechanics and other people working in the engineering field

How about a civil engineering degree to the Mason

Hey isnt a pilots license great for a kite flyer?

Was some one asking why the majority community is getting alienated from the minority?

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Hail CeaseFire

white_flagThank god that there is a ceasefire in the middle east between the Hamas and the Israeli’s.
Why am I thanking god, does the conflict affect me? Oh yeah it does. NO i dont stay in that part of the world , but it does.

Atleast now we wont have a group of “intellectuals” crying hoarse on the inhuman attrocities of the israelis on gaza. Am  happy i will not hear the cacophony of their voices on the media. Now they might get time out of their busy schedule to look at the million homeless and hungry indians living below the poverty line. (now thats a question that needs to be asked, are they really interested in improving india or are they gearing up to become a “world citizen”)

Maybe now a few religious leaders can stop issuing fatwas against the jews and start concentrating on improving the life of the downtrodden in their community. A fatwa against poverty perhaps??

Our brave PM can stop declaring his ““unstinted and unwavering support to the just cause of Palestinians” and declare his unstinted and unwavering support to the cause of the indians for a change.

I do condemn the dance of the death that is happening in the middle east. But what about the thousands of Indians who die every year due to the brain dead terrorists schemes? What about the thousands of people who die for lack of proper nutrition in india. What about the thousands who are home less, who dont know if they will eat their food tomorrow, the thousands who are still oppressed by the so called higher class?
What about India? When will we learn to be an indian citizen before trying to be a world citizen? Or does the concept of a world citizen say “I will help my neighbour clean his pile of dirt and he will clean mine?? If thats the concept of a world citizen then, you can take the concept and shove it up, u know where.

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A lawyer for Kasab?

Should the poor 21 year old kid who murdered 100’s of innocent people in Mumbai be given a counsel? The “jihadist” (in his own words) whose swagger with an automatic weapon in hand, became the image of last year, be given a chance to defend himself in court?

Why does a court need to have a defence to presecute some one whose crimes were videotaped and photographed. Isnt the ‘evidence of a billion and more people watching TV isnt enough to pronounce

Ajmal Amir Butcher

Ajmal Amir Butcher

him guilty? What will the defence lawyer defend against? and what will he plead? Not guilty? And if he wants to plead guilty, why the lawyer? Hell the whole world knows it and most importnatly “seen” it.
Ok fine a civilised nation needs to put him on trail before sentencing him, but What will they do there? A judge will listen to the presecution and nod his head (unless he has been sleeping for the last two months) and the presecution will rest its case. Defence will take over and Plead guilty and rest their case. The whole world knows he is guilty and the law will take its own course and the court will sentence him , probably to death. Its another point of debate that the likes of , well lets not name people , but there will be a few pseudo-intellectual’s who will cry foul and would want to stop the sentence, another set of people will talk about minority rights and stuff, and one billion people glued to their television trying to figure out what the hell is happening, and the media will sell the news along with groceries and sanitary napkins.
But really, isnt it a criminal waste of time of the court to even have a trail for some one like him?
A better way should be the judge pronounces the sentence in another couple of days and tells it to the world” We find Ajmal Kasab Gulity and is sentenced to death… Ok thats the end of that, now get on with yourlives, we will take care of the nitty gritties of the noose and the neck”.
Yes he shouldnt be killed now because he is a source of information. Get everything out of him and then give him a biryani and butterchicken as a last meal.

Yes I sound like a barbarian talking about killing people, but there are crimes for which i believe the guilty should be given capital punishment, like rape and murder.
But with him i would want to get more barbaric.Now that the muslims arond the world have declared that Terrorists are not muslims, and that Kasab was a terrorist, its safe to conclude that he is not a muslim. And since he was fighting for a place in the heaven I would suggest that he be shot to death with bullets laced with the lard of a pig. That way we can close the gates of heaven on him forever, and can send out a message to the other potential kasab’s
Yes it sounds crude but what the hell? I dont think any one should be offended. Yea its another story that the pigs might not like it, and the will protest against using their lard on some terrorists body. But well protests are not new are they?
And there are other benefits too. There will be a novelist who will write the heart rendering story of a knight who came from a paradise to save the opressed people, but was killed by the scheming NSG commandos of the Lowly country, and that he was tortured to and died a martyr…… the west will lap it up and may be novelist will get a booker prize for it. Wow isnt that great for india??

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Is your house clean??

Mumbai Attacked, The whole country woke up to a terrorist attack and then after about a couple of weeks, went back to sleep. Well whats new about it? It happens every other day, now lets catch some sleep. Slowly a lot of noises were heared , articulating how we should bomb pakistan, how we should erase them from the face of earth. I fail to get it. Is pakistan really to blame?
With the kind of leaders we have, with the kind of apathy that the system shows towards a citizens life, with the kind of intelligence failure (I think if it was intelligence it wouldnt have failed), and all the crap we have within our nation, if not pakistan it would have been some one else. So do we forget the cesspool our country is in and call for pakistan’s blood? Do we forget the dirty blood stained hands of the politicians? Do we forget that a whole village can eat for a month with the money spent on protecting them for a day?? Do we forget that when there is a terrorist strike most of the politicians are miraculously saved?

Come on, If you cant cleanse your house… you have NO RIGHT watsoever to take a broom to your neighbours house.

The country is festering with caste/religion based politics. Lets bring equality among people. The major chunk of the population still dont know from where their next meal will come from. Lets feed a few mouths. A file goes into turbo mode when the palm of a “government servant” is greased. Lets stop greasing palms. There is a section that still thinks that a white skin is superior to them. Lets stop licking a white ass when we see one. No one is bothered about the guy who has fallen bleeding on the ground after an accident just because they dont want to be “questioned” by the police for helping. Lets help some one live(to die another day in a bomb blast), but hell lets atleast try and help. We have politicians talking about godhra and not talking about the riots that followed, We have “religious” leaders issuing edicts to kill a danish cartonist when they probably dont know where that country is , while all along on our own back yard we have terrorist camps training people for jihad. We have people who are proud of china and the erstwhile USSR , while trying to drag our own country backwards with their hartals!

Will we do anything about it at all? Hell No! All this can wait, lets nuke pakistan first. Thats the country thats stopping us from being the most prosperous nation on earth.

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Minority Report

For the last 60 years appeasement policies of different political parties of all hues has had the country divided along the lines of religion and caste. Minority policies and the reservation system has combined to form a potent brew of hatred in a country of largely peace loving people.
Shouldnt a country’s minority policy be applied to people who are aliens to the indian subcontinent and not forming a part of the indian culture? How many Muslims/Christians etc form this chunk? Why have a minority policy for people of different religions with a Indian background. Almost all the religious minorities have their roots in India, not any other country!
Their ancestors converted mostly by force , few by greed of wealth, some due to ignorance and a lot( some are still getting converted) because they were offered food/shelter in lieu for their religion, when they were hungry. But they surely did not come from elsewhere. They were and still form a part of the majority called Indians.
And why have a minority policy at all in a democratic setup?? Why is it that we do not have a uniform civil code across the country? A civil code that completely seperates religion from the running of the state? A religion is a personal choice and thats what it should be – A personal choice.
The only result that minority appeasement has given us is hatred. The majority crying foul about appeasement and the minority saying they are not allowed to join the mainstream.
For the sake of an argument we can consider that it helps improve the lives of minorities (e.g. Muslims) ? But the question is how and by when? Isnt 60 years enough for the minority to reach the levels of the majority community and join the mainstream? If 60 years isnt enough then we will have to agree that “forever” is also not enough.
I think that the problem with the muslim community largely lies with themselves and cannot be helped by the minoritism of the Indian Government. Isnt it clear that the muslims who wanted to come into the mainstream and become successful have become so( without the help of the minority policies). I dont think that I need to give examples because they are all around us, living a normal life just like the others.
Now that we can eliminate the minority among the minorities who go to school/coolege get an education and land up in jobs like the majority lets focus on the remiander.
Nothing is actually stopping them but them selves.
What stops a Muslim from sending his son/daughter to school? Why does a muslim have to send his kids to a madrasa and not a school that arms kids for the future in this corporate world. There is nothing wrong in a madrasa education, but then does ONLY a madrasa education suffice? In an Islamic nation it might, but not in a democratic setup.
And when a company is hiring people to a job i think Religion is one of their last priorities. No one looks at what religion a candidate is from to take a call of hiring them. The only criteria would be how well he meets the requirement for the job.
But the problem arises for the kids who are sent to madarasas which teaches the holy Quran. However good the intention of the parent is to send his ward to a madrasa, I really dont think they are taught anything apart from the Quran or the hadith. Now tell me one company which would be willing to hire a person just because he is well versed with reciting the Quran or for that matter The Gita, and knows not of anything else. I for sure will not, If I ever own a company.
By agreeing to be “appeased” by the political parties , the muslim community has only done more harm to itself than anything good. They should realise that this kind of policies were started off by the british to divide the country on religious lines. they have done a very good job out of it, but do we still have to follow it and yearn for it??
Its time that we call the economically poor as Majority and the rich as minority and put in some policies for this majority.

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