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Is your house clean??

Mumbai Attacked, The whole country woke up to a terrorist attack and then after about a couple of weeks, went back to sleep. Well whats new about it? It happens every other day, now lets catch some sleep. Slowly a lot of noises were heared , articulating how we should bomb pakistan, how we should erase them from the face of earth. I fail to get it. Is pakistan really to blame?
With the kind of leaders we have, with the kind of apathy that the system shows towards a citizens life, with the kind of intelligence failure (I think if it was intelligence it wouldnt have failed), and all the crap we have within our nation, if not pakistan it would have been some one else. So do we forget the cesspool our country is in and call for pakistan’s blood? Do we forget the dirty blood stained hands of the politicians? Do we forget that a whole village can eat for a month with the money spent on protecting them for a day?? Do we forget that when there is a terrorist strike most of the politicians are miraculously saved?

Come on, If you cant cleanse your house… you have NO RIGHT watsoever to take a broom to your neighbours house.

The country is festering with caste/religion based politics. Lets bring equality among people. The major chunk of the population still dont know from where their next meal will come from. Lets feed a few mouths. A file goes into turbo mode when the palm of a “government servant” is greased. Lets stop greasing palms. There is a section that still thinks that a white skin is superior to them. Lets stop licking a white ass when we see one. No one is bothered about the guy who has fallen bleeding on the ground after an accident just because they dont want to be “questioned” by the police for helping. Lets help some one live(to die another day in a bomb blast), but hell lets atleast try and help. We have politicians talking about godhra and not talking about the riots that followed, We have “religious” leaders issuing edicts to kill a danish cartonist when they probably dont know where that country is , while all along on our own back yard we have terrorist camps training people for jihad. We have people who are proud of china and the erstwhile USSR , while trying to drag our own country backwards with their hartals!

Will we do anything about it at all? Hell No! All this can wait, lets nuke pakistan first. Thats the country thats stopping us from being the most prosperous nation on earth.

January 15, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs |

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