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Of cultures and their custodians


Read that and move along, its become a common occurrence these days anyway. But what makes me wonder is how this news never got featured in the media(Mainstream). Why wasn’t there as much outrage as we saw on the Mangalore episode? What differentiates this brutality from the one that was perpetrated by the goons in Mangalore?

I think this should have got the same attention and abhorrence as the other episode and so should all other violent acts against women.

But why the discrimination? Because Maharashtra is not ruled by BJP? Because “Women and child welfare ministry” ceases to exist in Mumbai? Because the media cannot make its money selling this story to the drama loving public? Because it was not captured “live” to create a sensation???Why?

Infact there are some very curious things to note in this episode.

1. The lady was a student from Pakistan. So much so for the guest being considered next to god. And yeah she is from Pakistan, so we don’t care.

2. The guy who started all this was a member of a local NGO. NGO for violence ON women?

3. The “slapping” was done by women.

I don’t know if those words tattooed on the back is wrong or right (It must be I guess, if it hurts sentiments of many people). What I know for sure is that violence of any form against a woman is wrong.

People who talk about men always harassing women, for “preserving” culture, hows that for a cultural shock to you. Hope there will be a protest meet somewhere, if not at MG Road, atleast in their thoughts.

‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta’ – – where woman are worshiped, God resides

Am pretty certain that’s the gods are leaving India slowly but steadily.

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