Hindu Statement

Its not a Religious Statement, Its a Cultural Statement!!!

The etiquette to being a “Secular” Indian.

There are etiquette’s for almost everything from talking on the phone to clearing your bladder at the toilet, so it is imperative that we have an etiquette to be a secular indian.

Here are a few and if incase you can add to these, please do so.

  • First and the foremost, if you see anything mentioning hinduism and hindu, automatically relate it to the rightwing hindutva brigand.Anything related to other religions is considered Secular.
  • If a group of goons threaten an author about bringing disrepute to anyother religion apart from Hinduism call them as “activists”, while goons threatening some one in the name of Hinduism call them “Hooligans”.
  • If a missionary forcefully converts some one to christianity call it as his/her fundamental right to propogate his religion. But if someone tries to “reconvert” them, call them well.you know… rightwing.
  • Make a hell of a noise about the “right wing” beating up girls in mangalore and dont even look at the episode about a pakistani student being beaten up in mumbai.
  • Make a fuss about a hindu marrying the second time when his wife is still alive but defend the constitutional right of a muslim man to marry more than once.
  • Never negate the aryan invasion theory even if you dont know what it is, and whether its right or wrong. Believe in it for the only reason that the “right wing” is against it.
  • Cry your heart out because muslims are not allowed into the mainstream, while any muslim who wanted to make it big in the main stream has done it without any kind of opposition from the majority.
  • Talk about the muslim presecution in the gaza strip, even of you dont know what Hamas did and are doing. Heck you need not even know where Israel and the gaza strip is.
  • Talk about gaza when you dont have a clue about what the kashmiri pandits are going through.
  • Relate every militant attack on the Kashmir issue while you are blissfully unaware of the ulterior motives of the militants.
  • Enter the words “Hindu Talibanisation” into your vocabulary, and use it when ever you can.
  • And yeah believe that Obama is the savior of the world and follow his every move, while you need not have a clue of who the vice president of india is.

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    I believe you have read this one

    Comment by ambikaz | February 11, 2009

  2. @ambikaz
    I just read that. Looks like it was written in anger in 2004, but then there is truth in it, even today.

    Comment by borneveryday | February 11, 2009

  3. absolutely. It’s been 5 years since then. Lot of experts believe it’s now or never. If BJP is not back in power instead of UPA then all hope is lost 😦

    Comment by ambikaz | February 11, 2009

  4. Am not sure if that will help too. The problem is that no one is proud of what we are, until that remains, no one can save India.

    Comment by borneveryday | February 11, 2009

  5. Unless there is someone bad, you can’t call someone else good. It is relative. So if you want to be called secular, someone should be called non-secular. Fortunately UPA has that someone(BJP).

    Comment by uttkarsh | February 19, 2009

  6. Hmm…. but they contorted the very meaning of secular.

    Comment by borneveryday | February 19, 2009

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