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‘Ajmal in good health’

Saw the reports in the media about Ajmal Kasab being alive and in good health.

“Mohammed Ajmal Amir, the lone terrorist to be captured alive during the 26/11 strikes, has completely recovered from his wounds and “is in good health”, a senior crime branch officer told DNA on Wednesday.”

Thank goodness he is alive and in good health. Are you guys giving him his favourite biryani and chicken? And also please provide him with some good designer clothes to wear. He must also be very bored sitting alone in the prison, please take him out on a tour of mumbai.  Also please give him a notepad and a pen so that he can make a note of the important places in mumbai. And after he is finished please post his findings to his Aaka’s in pakistan so that they can plan another attack on mumbai.

And yeah also let him meet the pseudo intellectuals  of india so that they can formulate a plan  and submit a memorandum to the government stating that Ajmal is being tortured because he is from the minority community. And yes may be Arundhati Roy can take him along with her to Kashmir and show him the place that he was fighting for(well thats what she thinks).

You can also increase the taxes in India and use that tax money to build him a good home and buy him some fertile land somewhere in india. He can stay there and start a family. He can also probably given some piece of land to start a terrorist training camp.

This post is not directed to someone , rather anyone. Its just a rant to vent.

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