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`All means will be used to end terror coming from Pakistan,’ says Pranab

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said that India would use all means at its disposal to end terror coming from Pakistan. But coming from a party that is steeped in favoritism, I am assuming that these were the ideas going on in his mind (and the minds of the congress think tank) when the minister made his statement.

  1. Since the terrorists are creating the problem because of Kashmir and Gujarat, we are planning to part with these two states and give them to Pakistan as a mark of friendship.
  2. Also since Himachal is bordering with J&K, we might as well give HP to them, that way they will be very sure that we mean peace.
  3. We will change our constitution to incorporate taliban style laws in India. This way the terrorists will not be offended and there will not be any more blood shed.
  4. All the terrorist (actually we dont call them terrorists, its the right wing) who are languishing in the jails will be released and compensated with land, job and money by the Indian Government.
  5. We are planning to remove the CBSE certification to all CBSE schools and give them only to the madrasas in what will be left out of India.
  6. Also the bangladeshi (illegal) immigrants feel very tired after a walk from their country into West Bengal, so we plan to fly Air India flight’s (for free) to and from various points in Bangladesh to bring the immigrants into India fully rejuvenated.
  7. We do have a plan to give West Bengal to Bangladesh but then the “left wing” is opposing the move as they want to “gift” West Bengal to China. We are in talks with the “left wing” and will decide on it ASAP.
  8. We are also willing to give them land and military training for jihadi operations if they promise not to use the training on Indians (but they will be allowed to use the “right wing” as target practice)

Long Live Italy…Errr Sorry …India

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