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20-ft tunnel, Rs 2 crore to keep Kasab safe in Mumbai

It must be real fun to be taken care of by the kafirs whom he came to kill.  But then its a shame that we are stopping him from getting his 72 virgins in heaven.

Mumbai: It is possibly the costliest piece of real estate being built in Mumbai and it is coming up inside the walls of the Arthur road prison at a cost of Rs 2 crore for 20 feet.

Over 250 workers are working round the clock to finish a special corridor to take 26/11 accused Mohammed Ajmal Kasab from his cell to the special court inside the jail and back. The corridor will be bomb, bullet and chemical weapons proof.

It is believed that the special court and Kasab’s cell are also being reinforced with iron plates. Also, Kasab’s cell, the corridor and the special court will be centrally air conditioned.

Surveillance cameras will keep a 24-hour watch in the cell, along the corridor and inside the court.

This is for the first time in India’s history that Rs 2 crore is being spent on security for a terrorist. For the police, it is money well spent, keeping in mind the threat to Kasab’s life.

The jail itself will be turned into a fortress. A battalion of armed paramilitary personnel will be manning it 24/7. The Mumbai crime branch has also asked for ITBP personnel for the three-tier security arrangement.

Paramilitary personnel will patrol the corridor and the area outside Kasab’s cell. Commandos will be placed outside the special court too.

“We are making all necessary arrangements for Kasab’s security. We have asked the Centre for their best commandoes so that his security is complete,” State Home Minister, Maharashtra, Jayant Patil said.

The trial is expected to start by the end of March and throughout the proceedings Kasab will remain chained.

For the Mumbai Police the first challenge is to ensure Kasab’s security. The bigger task of presenting evidence and securing a conviction comes next.

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