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Sangliana counters priest

I am wondering why the mainstream media does not show these news with the same kind of vigour that they show the attack on the churches? Not a mention of the confession fo the christian priest at the commision (see previous post). I think the pink chaddi people should also send the mainstream media some pink chaddi’s…………Or are they also a part of the “mainstream media”??????

Sangliana now says the priest was lying……….am wondering if the top cop is trying all his best to become a top conversion agent.

March 12: Former Member of Parliament H.T. Sangliana has lashed out at the priest, who deposed before the Justice B.K. Somashekhara Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday and alleged that the priest was lying and should be prosecuted for the lie.
Father Joseph Meningis, priest of St James Church in Mariyannapalya, which was vandalized by some miscreants on September 21 last year, deposed before Justice Somashekhara Commission and reportedly confessed that “idol worship was being performed in churches to attract Hindus and convert them to Christianity.” He allegedly stated that it is the “duty” of every Christian to “convert non-Christians to Christianity by any means.”
Retorting to media reports about Father Joseph’s confession before the Inquiry Commission, Mr. Sangliana said the priest was “lying.” “If what he says is right, then he should be prosecuted. He is not fit to be a priest in a church. No idols of Hindu deities are kept in the churches to attract Hindus to Christianity. I am 65 years old and have been to several churches across India; nowhere have I seen this practice. I don’t know under which circumstance the priest has made this statement,” said Mr Sangliana. He added that he was “shocked” to read about Fr Menengis statement in newspapers. “I will personally make an inquiry to find out if what he is saying is true,” said the former cop.


March 14, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs

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