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Brahma Chellaney on Obama’s AfPak policy.

Brahma Chellaney writes about the strategy of the American president to counter the AfPak problem. I agree to his views and is a good read. Below are a few excerpts. The article can be found here.

Brahma Chellaney says that India is indeed ‘the sponge that protects us all’ from terrorism emanating from Pakistan. The new President’s strategy is compounding the Af-Pak problem

After all, the brunt of escalating terrorism from Pakistan will be borne by India, which already has become, in the words of ex-US official Ashley Tellis, ‘the sponge that protects us all’.


The Af-Pak problem won’t go away without a fundamental break from the American policies that helped create this terrifying muddle. The US military can never win in Afghanistan, or even secure a ticket out of that country as Obama wants, without first dismantling the Pakistani military’s sanctuaries and sustenance infrastructure for the Taleban and other state-reared terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba (the group who carried out the Mumbai atrocities) and Jaish-e-Muhammad. As Bush’s national security adviser Stephen Hadley pointed out just before leaving office in January, ‘You can’t really solve Afghanistan without solving Pakistan.’

Yet to mend a broken policy on Pakistan, Obama is doing more of what helped to create the failure — dispensing rewards upfront. He has set out to make Islamabad the biggest recipient of US aid in the world without having first defined benchmarks for judging progress. It was under his predecessor, however, that Pakistan began raking in a terrorist windfall.


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India, from the other side of the fence.

“The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence” . Not just the grass, from the indian side everything looks green on the other side of the fence. Blame it on the fast paced Islamization of that country. But from their side , it looks like the only color they are seeing is saffron.

Dawn.com has an article on the plight of the muslims in Gujarat and am sure that there is a good chance that the article has been “Teestalized” (Dont bother to look for the meaning of the word. I am just using it to denote all reports that are fabricated during the gujarat riots to bring a bad name to Modi and also to show a bad image of the country in front of the world. Did I mention that the reports have to be fabricated and gruesome)

Below are a few excerpts from the article.

Since 2002, when the worst riots since India’s partition left an estimated 2,000 Muslims dead in the western state of Gujarat, thousands have been pushed off the map and have little faith in the world’s largest democracy.

2000 Muslims were killed?? Really? So the hindus who were killed during the riot converted their religion to Islam after death? Well it has to be so because the total number of death itself is around 2000 if not less, so where will you account the Hindu deaths?

‘How would you feel if you have to live below a mountain of litter and drink polluted water everyday?’ said Riana Bano, a Muslim widow and mother of four girls.

We are a poor country, and that is the fate of many other people, yes including hindus, at many places around the country. We are trying to improve the situation but it does take time. And yes we do agree that the corrupt politicians are not helping one bit, but we are trying. And No its not a situation of the muslims alone.

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What if Kasab is a minor?


Doctors confirm that Kasab is an Adult. So everything is not that bad after all. Sometimes paranoia sets in with so many killers around.


Tests are underway to determine if the Kasai from Pakistan who butchered people in Bombay is a minor or not. Several doctors, rasiologists etc. are trying to figure out if he was less than 18 while the shootout happened. How does that affect the trial, well hold your breath.

“If he is a minor then the case will be shifted to a juvenile court and according to the Juvenile Justice Act the maximum punishment meted out will be three years,” defence lawyer Abbas Kazmi said.

What a Shame. What a mockery of Indian lives, that too in India. The butcher might just get 3 Years in juvenile prison where he can have his biryani and get fat before he goes back home to pakistan. What in the name of god are we telling the world? And what in the name of hell are you telling the jihadis? We are making it clear to them that next time you plan a fidayeen  attack on India, choose terorists who are less than 18 years old, they will do the job for you. They will kill scores of people in Indian and the maximum punishment that they will recieve is 3 years in a juvenile prison.

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Is Dubai really to be blamed?

This is in response to many people who read Johann Hari’s article and have come out all guns blazing, to condemn Dubai. I have no love for dubai, but I do have a little respect for many things good in Dubai. Yes there are a lot of things that are worng there but is there any country which can claim to be the earths paradise?

I really dont think that Dubai is to take the complete blame.

“The thing you have to understand about Dubai is – nothing is what it seems,” Karen says at last. “Nothing. This isn’t a city, it’s a con-job. They lure you in telling you it’s one thing – a modern kind of place – but beneath the surface it’s a medieval dictatorship.”

The best joke in the article is about a canadian by name Karen who comes to Dubai along with her Husband for a “Better Life”
Karen and hubby come to Dubai for a better life, her husband screws up all the money and gets into debt an is jailed. Karen laments about the fact that her husband has been jailed for not following the country’s law!! Nice joke. what should the government do? pay off her bills and get her a room at the Burj Al Arab??

How may people who are up in arms against dubai have been there? I have been there a couple of times, and i was surprised, that people who were bedouins until a few decades ago are living, a lifestyle that we in india can think about only in terms of a distant future. (Like during the Star Wars?)
And dont talk about oil please, Dubai does not have oil exports.

Do you think that the Dubai government bribes workers to come to dubai and work, people go there of their own will. If we Indians were good enough why would our countrymen go to Dubai to find work? We are only famous for casteism, corruption, zero social security to women and for many other wrong reasons.
Dubai has made huge progress, very huge, we have to accept that. There is very little, if not nil, corruption. Legal cases are often given a fair trial even if it involves a Emrati, while the richand famous in India can bribe their way out of any case. Hell, we can be out and enjoying life even if we kill 3000 sikhs. all it takes is some moolah and some Nehru/Gandhi family blessings.

A women has roam around in Dubai in any decent clothing (Decent by western standards, not Islamic as you think) at any time of the day without fear, there is social security. In India a women cant move more than a couple of feet without being subjected to some kind of discrimination. Cat calls, teasing, snide remarks, a touch , a pat on the back. Looks like the Inidna male psyche gets a kick out of such things

Yes they prefer Emratis more than the others and the Emratis are given better and preferrential treatment.Well did you expect them to get second rate treatment?? its their country for Gods sake and they are in minority. We all agree that minorities have to be given “special treatment” like we have been doing the last 60  years, dont we?  So if people dont like it why dont they get out of there? No they wont do it, they get paid well.

If you take the Big Bus Tour of Dubai … you are fed the propaganda-vision of how this happened. “Dubai’s motto is ‘Open doors, open minds’,” the tour guide tells you in … “Here you are free. To purchase fabrics,” he adds. As you pass each new monumental building, he tells you: “The World Trade Centre was built by His Highness…” But this is a lie. The sheikh did not build this city. It was built by slaves. They are building it now.

Huh!!! When you build your house, do you go about saying you built it, or the workers built it?? Next time instead of saying ” I am gonna build a house” Try saying ” The workers are gonna build a house and I am just gonna stay there, thats all”.
The funny thing in India is that the politicos brag about the same thing, but the only thing they have built is a large number of castles in Air. When a politician can take credit for something they havent done, when he/she takes credit for the completion of a project whose file is still languishing in some government office gathering dust, why cant the king there say that he built Dubai, atleast he really has built it, not like our politicos.

And yes during Ramadan people are not allowed to eat in public, they are very strict about it. But nothing stops non muslims from eating inside their hoome or behind drapes in a hotel. They wont do it, but have to crib about not being able to eat outside in full public glory. Well its a islamic emirate for gods sake, not a democracy, So try being a little careful about Islamic culture, and what the hell is so compelling about eating in full public view?

All countries have their problems so does theirs, let them handle it while you please try to set right the wrongs in your country, not theirs. And If you are a resident of Dubai and dont like the way of life there, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE and dont just crib about it.

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Sanjay Dutt – Another exploited Muslim???

How does the Media define a communal speech?? I am guessing that the rules would be something similar to below.

  • When a Hindu says something against the minorities it is communal speech(anything that does not closely match to “Minority Zindabad” has to be termed communal).
  • Some one else says something wrong about the whole system of the country, which in turn will squarely lay the blame on a hindu majority India, citing his minority tag has to be labled as secular.

Varun Gandhi gets targeted for his speech , sent to jail and is ridiculed by the whole media and the so called secularists. He is asked by his christian cousin to read the Gita. He is considered to be a grave threat to India’s secularism and the Politicos fall head over heels to spew venom on him.

Ok the speech was probably uncalled for , he should have stopped at cutting the hands of the anti nationals and not get into the minority religion  in general. All said and done, he is doing the same thing that the other ‘secular’ parties doing, just that he is supporting the Hindus.

We are a country where the sikhs are butchered and not a single person who is the main culprit gets arrested, while we crush a 29 year old for hate speech. Does he have a previous history of violence or aggresion against minorities? NO? Yet he is almost taken to the gallows for hate speech against minorities.

Now lets look at a very “Secular Leader” Sanjay Dutt.

‘Meri maa Musalman thi isiliye mera utpeedan kiya gaya…isiliye mujh par TADA lagaya gaya tha (since my mother was a Muslim, I was exploited. That was the reason why TADA was slapped on me),’

An “Actor” who lived under the warmth of the love of millions of his fans most of whom were hindus. He screwed up his life and career many times and still the people welcomed him back , again most of them hindus. After all the love he has got from this land, he says he is exploited because he was a muslim. If there was such an exploitation why in the world he would have been such a famous actor, in hindu majority India? His mother was exploited because she was a muslim? Oh come on, she was probably a more loved actor than himself,  again in Hindu majority India.

If he really was exploited why did he not come out in the open when he was enjoying the lavish life that was accorded to him because of the people of India? How is it that he remembers these exploitation when he comes on a dias of a “secular party” like SP and that too during the elections? Well its anybody’s guess.

And talking about being exploited because of his religion, does he remember TADA was slapped in him for the posession of AK47? Not a licensed pistol or a rifle, but AK47, when at that time it was available only with the Army or with Terrorists. He was not in the army for sure.

Who gave it to him  and what was he doing with it? Scratching his back??

Doing gandhigiri in movies does not qualify you as a respected man Mr. Dutt, really not.

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Pak militants ban political parties in Fata

Until now we had the political parties banning the militants, and it was getting boring. so now a twist in the tale, Militants are banning political parties.

ISLAMABAD: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) have now banned political parties in the Bajaur region of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Both the separatist organizations have also issued a jirga banning meeting of more than three persons at a same place. According to the Daily Times, the decision was taken after four persons were killed in a clash between the activists of these two groups. The latest ban adds to the long list of activities that the Taliban has prohibited in the region.

The outlawed outfit had also barred women from venturing out of their house alone. Sale and purchase of music cds and film videos have also been banned. Growing beard and wearing turban has been made mandatory for men in the region.

Meanwhile, Taliban militants from Pakistan’s Swat valley are refusing to leave the Buner district which they forcibly occupied and have established a big base in the town, located just 100 km from the federal capital. The continued presence of the Taliban has forced the leaders of the Awami National Party, which rules the North West Frontier Province, to leave the region and the intervention of the tribal peace jirga to make them vacate the area has failed, The News daily reported on Tuesday.

The Taliban from Swat moved into Buner about two weeks ago. They have occupied a three-storey bungalow owned by a businessman in Sultanwas village and are using it as their headquarters, the paper said.

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Shariah in America as well?!?!?

Great, If anyone had a doubt about Taliban planning to impose islam over the world , please take a peek here. The taliban is right now not a threat but a reality in pakistan and India is still mum about it!!

MINGORA/LAHORE/NEW DELHI: Swat Taliban have said they are not bound to honour the peace accord between the government and cleric Sufi Muhammad, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.

According to the channel, they said the NWFP government had signed the deal with Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi, and not with the Taliban.

Taliban sharia: Although there was no official confirmation, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan issued a direct challenge to the legitimacy of Pakistan’s government in a telephone interview with the CNN, by demanding the imposition of the Taliban’s model of sharia throughout Pakistan and beyond, “even in America”.

Disagree: He also denounced any Pakistanis who disagreed with his interpretation of Islam, calling them “non-Muslims”. He also called for the imposition of jiziya, a tax to be levied on all non-Muslims in Pakistan.

In an Associated Press interview, he said Osama Bin Laden was welcome in Swat. “Yes, we will help them and protect them.”

Muslim Khan counted the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, the Jaish-e-Muhammad, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban of Afghanistan among his allies. “If we need, we can call them and if they need, they can call us,” he said. He said his forces would go to help the Taliban in Afghanistan if the United States and NATO continue to fight there.

In an interview to a Srinagar-based newspaper, he dismissed reports the Taliban would attempt to disrupt elections in Indian-held Kashmir. daily times monitor/ap/iftikhar gilani

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Communist Party of India has big stakes in private firms

So much for Socialism/Communism. I guess their double talk comes to the fore again, as  usual.

New Delhi: The Communist Party of India (CPI) claims it is dedicated to the spread of socialism (an economic system based on state ownership of capital), but its leaders have been merrily investing in private companies.

A scrutiny of I-T returns filed by CPI reveals functionaries have been regularly buying equity shares of at least eight private firms using party money.

The fact has been stated in the auditor’s report but has been overlooked by taxmen, perhaps because it does not directly concern them. Pune-based M/s PG Bhagwat Chartered Accountants has stated in its report that private equity shares worth lakhs of rupees have been purchased by CPI leaders. The auditor has, however, not named the leaders.

What raises suspicion is that two of the private firms — both based in Mumbai — have been shown to have shut shop.

I-T returns reveal CPI leaders bought equity shares worth Rs1,50,000 of Mayur Arts Pvt Ltd and worth Rs25,000 of Vanguard Publications Pvt Ltd.

The other companies of which CPI leaders have been shown to have purchased equity shares are People’s Publishing House Pvt Ltd (worth Rs22.93 lakh), New Delhi-based Navsahitya Printing and Publishing Co Pvt Ltd (Rs3.50 lakh), Kolkata-based Manisha Publications Pvt Ltd (Rs23,000), Nav Karnataka House Pvt Ltd (Rs5,000), Lok Vangmaya Griha Pvt Ltd (Rs8.10 lakh) and Navchetan Books Pvt Ltd (over Rs1 lakh).
There are other major discrepancies that have surprisingly escaped the notice of tax sleuths. The loss on account of closure of the two Mumbai firms has not been reflected in the balance sheet.

“If the auditors are stating that the firms have been closed, the investment made by the party is lost. Such investment cannot be shown in assets,” a tax expert said.

If this did not arouse suspicion of taxmen, the fact that the party does not possess equity share documents of three firms — Manisha Publishing, Navsahitya Printing and Publishing and Navchetan Books — should have.

People’s Publishing House, whose shares have been purchased by a CPI leader, has also been a beneficiary of the party’s generosity. CPI, whose net worth stayed between Rs5.08 crore (in 2001-02) and Rs6.12 crore (in 2005-06) and whose annual income did not exceed Rs1.22 crore in any of the five years, has disbursed Rs2.71 crore under “loans and advances” to the company.

The party also disbursed Rs50,000 to Navchetan Printing in 2003-04. The entry remains unchanged for the next two years, meaning there was no return of cash or kind from the publishing house.

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“India has no plan to fight the Taliban”

Well, with our politicos busy stashing away their ill gained wealth into their secret swiss bank accounts, who has the time to fight Taliban. It also cannot be done because it will also include raids being conducted on “some people” and hell thats not permitted, after all votebank is something.

We can stay inert and wait to see the shariah enforced on hindusthan and the nonbelievers paying the jizya…. Dont worry, you dont have to wait long, you can see that happen soon enough if we dont nip the evil in its bud.

New Delhi: The Taliban are getting closer to India’s doorsteps, but India does not have a blueprint to fight it.

In an interview to Fareed Zakaria in GPS (Global Public Square), an hour-long foreign policy programme he conducts for CNN on Sundays, United States special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke spoke of the Taliban’s danger.

“You cannot deal with these people by giving away territory. They are getting closer and closer to Islamabad and Punjab,” Holbrooke told Zakaria.

Holbrooke’s assertions rang alarm bells in India, as the Taliban entering Punjab means that they are that much closer to the Indian border. Has the government given thought to the creeping Talibanization of Pakistan and the danger of these forces spilling into India? It may have given thought to the Talibanization of Pakistan, but clearly it does not have a blueprint to fight it.

New Delhi, which monitors events in Pakistan very carefully, is not surprised by the developments. “We don’t need a Richard Holbrooke to tell us this. We have been talking about this much before the Americans,” said a senior official.

“What was Lal Masjid all about?” the official said. “It was nothing but the Pakistan Taliban spreading its wings in the heart of Islamabad. The Taliban is not just creeping towards Islamabad, it is already there. The terror attacks, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto… all point to their presence,” he added.

What can India do to protect itself from a similar onslaught by the Taliban? “We are doing all it takes by crying ourselves hoarse on the danger to the international community. We are guarding our borders and our forces are sensitised to the danger,” he explained.

Indian officials may go blue in the face, asserting that the government has a well thought-out policy to protect India from the threat of Taliban forces coming nearer our border, but the simple fact is there is no policy blueprint.

The government has probably not given much thought to this. Otherwise, it will be much more involved in President Obama’s new AfPak policy. India has much to contribute as it understands Pakistan better than the Americans. But New Delhi has been shy of airing its views in public for fear of hurting US sensibilities.

“We must engage with the US. We need to be pro-active. We need to engage with Pakistan’s political leaders like Nawaz Sharif, talk to him, and ensure that he also takes a public stand against the Taliban. The situation in Pakistan is complex, with varying interest groups involved. India must not play a weak hand,” said analyst C Uday Bhaskar.

“India has to have a dynamic approach to the situation in Pakistan. The approach should not be ideological, but based on real politik,” said former diplomat KC Singh.
Like Bhaskar, Singh said that India must play a more important role in the region and ensure that the situation in Pakistan does not go out of hand because this country will suffer more than the US or Europe if the Taliban is unchecked.

India, he said, must know what it brings to the table in the AfPak policy that is taking shape. But former ambassador to Washington Naresh Chandra said, “India does not have the clout or wherewithal to influence US policy in Pakistan. Let us not fool ourselves. But we can put our own house in order, strengthen our forces to deal with the Taliban and terror attacks, minimize infiltration. Delhi can do little about developments in Pakistan.”

“Interference from India will have a violent and opposite effect,” said Chandra.

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Women ‘terrorists’ come to the fore

And to think that they can stay under the safety of a burqa.  Also without being subjected to the usual checks men go through, it is going to be a cakewalk for them. Whatever happened to the shriah law that women have to stay in the confines of their home and not come out without being accompanied by a male relative? I guess all is fair in jihad

In the last two days, two women have been killed in encounters in the district and with the involvement of more and more women in terrorist activities coming to the fore, experts feel security forces need to come up with new strategies.

Dilshada is the second woman overground worker for militants to be killed in Doda district in the past 2 days. Dilshada was killed in an encounter in which a Hizbul militant, a jawan and a policemen were also killed. Security forces say, another militant for whom Dilshada worked, escaped.

A couple of days ago, another woman overground worker, Zahida  was killed in an encounter. She’s believed to be an accomplice of one of the two Lashkar men shot dead in the operation. More and more women aiding terrorist activity, experts say is a fresh challenge.

“We have a situation in which women are today providing peripheral support, but we must be also mentally prepared that a time might come in which some of them will actually be wielding the weapons,” said M M Khajuria, Former DGP J&K.

In the past several women have been arrested for being overground workers. In 2007, Nahida, a law student was arrested for allegedly working for the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.

With two women overground workers killed in just two days in Doda, and more and more women getting involved in terrorist activities, it should clearly be a worrying trend for the security forces, more so at a time when elections are taking place.

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