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Poll: Is Reality TV Overrated?

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Swayamvar on TV. Reality TV stops at Nothing!!

After the spectacle of death on a reality tv show, we now have a a marriage on cards , er… remote. Rakhi Sawant will now choose her groom on reality tv. Some people and some channels are just out of the world. Hope NDTV stops at just showing the search and the ceremony and not the ….ahem ….. well you know what i mean. Really some people just dont have a limit to what they would do to get some publicity…and some channels would dish out anything for TRP ratings. Bravo NDTV and Rakhi.

By the way you can propose online to Rakhi, here is the link http://movies.ndtv.com/Captionthis/Rakhi-Sawant.aspx

Welcome to Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar. In what promises to be a first of its kind experience on television, Bollywood’s hottest item girl has chosen to search for her real life-partner on NDTV Imagine’s new reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. The nationwide search for the perfect husband will culminate in a grand wedding where Rakhi will tie the knot.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us what Rakhi should be looking for in her life partner.

Better still, if you think you are Mr Right for the Mirchi babe then propose to her online. Who knows you might be the one to sweep Rakhi off her feet!

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400 militants may cross over into India

400 militants crossing over into India…. Am wondering if the congress government is arranging a reception committee to welcome them. They would be weary and tired after all the traveling they would have done. Also they belong to a community which sadly has been converted into a “vote bank” over the last 60 odd years, and they cant afford to loose their “vote bank”. And with basic arithmetic, if 10 militants killed more than 150 in November last year ……..hmm… 400 can kill 6000… I guess i got my math right.

When will we take terrorism seriously and stop making it look like a smoke screen created by the saffron brigade.?

Srinagar: Ahead of elections, infiltration bids across the Line of Control have increased. As many as 400 militants are reportedly waiting to cross over from Pakistan and the Army has launched massive combing operations.

The Army has killed 28 militants over the past two weeks in Kupwara but it has also lost 11 men, mostly from the elite Special Forces in the jungle warfare.

With Taliban on the loose in Pakistan, security forces have intensified patrolling and reviewed security along the LoC. A greater synergy of intelligence sharing between police and army has thwarted many such incursions.

But despite the counter-infiltration measures, sources say 20-40 militants – mostly from the Lashkar-e-Toiba – may have managed to sneak in.

It’s a clear and present danger, especially with intercepts by security forces suggesting that the Taliban might give direct or indirect support to the militancy in Kashmir.

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