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Rahul is a PM material!!!??? Really?

But seriously, on what qualifications should he be made the PM? Apart from the fact that he belongs to the Nehru clan what other qualifications does he have? Is congress so much out of senior leaders that they would want rahul as a PM? Other than popping up in the  media when the elections are nearing what has he done to the country?? Really the congress should change its name to something thats more relevant to their thoughts… Like “nehru party”

Union Minister Pranab Mukherjee said Rahul Gandhi would be able to give leadership if he became the Prime Minister as the younger generation could do so. “When Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister she was not 50. Even Rajiv Gandhi took over as the PM before he turned 40. If Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister, he will certainly give able leadership to the country and there is no doubt in it,” Mukherjee said during an interview with a Bengali news channel.

I guess Pranab Mukherjee could wait for a couple of years and then make either priyankas or rahuls child as the prime minister that way they would be more younger than Indira or Rajiv gandhi

Campaigning for her family, Priyanka was also asked about her brother Rahul Gandhi often referred to as the Prime Minister in waiting, and she gave Rahul a big thumbs for the top job.

“The next PM is hopefully going to be Manmohan Singh. But I have full faith in my brother. He’s hard working and means well. And he’s according to me qualified. I’m sure one day he will, and will do a good job,” said Priyanka.

Hell yes he is qualified, he was born in the nehru clan after all. What more qualification do you need to become the PM of this country.

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