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Kasab oblivious to seriousness of charges: Lawyer

Well then why dont we make him aware of the seriousness and just hang him (and not shooting please, shooting is for soldiers not terrorists) . Why do we have to always drag our court cases till the whole world laughs at us, and in the mean time give them more reasons to laugh because of the faux pas by our babus. I guess we have gotten a hang out of the never ending daily soaps on TV and want to make one from this story as well..

Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab does not understand the gravity of the Mumbai terror attacks case or the charges against him, senior criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi said after being appointed to defend him on Thursday.


“It is clear from the way he was laughing and giggling in the Special Court on Wednesday and Thursday that Kasab has no inkling of the seriousness of the case against him,” Kazmi said.


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Politicos, bureaucrats show their true color… to the world

Trust government and its employees to screw up something that is securely in our hands and all this because of their carelessness. I dont know if these bureaucrats will show the same inefficiency when they arrange for their children’s wedding. (Oops sorry, have printed the name of the bride/groom wrong in the wedding card, but then chalta hey). And to think that the Foreign Minister is party to it, is the heights.

This statement by TOI says it all “You would have imagined government babus would shed their habitual sloth in the collective effort to bring the 26/11 accused to justice, but the past week has showed that all the criticism heaped on bureaucrats for their inefficiency and sloth is justified

NEW DELHI: Three major faux pas in quick succession by the authorities have embarrassed India, especially when it is engaged in a diplomatic face-off with Pakistan over the Mumbai attacks.

You would have imagined government babus would shed their habitual sloth in the collective effort to bring the 26/11 accused to justice, but the past week has showed that all the criticism heaped on bureaucrats for their inefficiency and sloth is justified.

Apart from the embarrassment, it has opened India
to finger-wagging strictures by Pakistan, which naturally smiled while India squirmed.

Three days ago, Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik was demonised in India for claiming that the DNA profiles of lone terrorist survivor Ajmal Amir Kasab and his slain companion Mohammed Ismail were same. A day later, it turned out that a “clerical error” on the part of the Mumbai cops was responsible for what is now being used by Islamabad to buttress its claim that it is actually India which is delaying the investigations into the attacks. Rubbing it in, Pakistani foreign office on Thursday, in fact, “advised” India to avoid lapses in the Mumbai probe.

The police are learnt to have admitted before their political bosses that one of the profile reports sent was a photocopy of the other one. Nobody had an inkling of the goof-up for over a month and it came to light only after Malik’s press conference earlier this week. Apart from handing a stick to Pakistan to beat India with, this is likely to make a dent, if not a deep hole, in India’s credibility before the international community.

The foreign ministry fared no better. Foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee, campaigning in rural Bengal on Tuesday, caused a minor flutter by saying that Kasab’s mother was likely to visit him in jail. In his statement to TV journalists, he seemed to draw a direct link between his announcement and his “conversation” with the foreign secretary.

Mukherjee has been at the forefront of the verbal battle unleashed on Pakistan for the past couple of months. But someone should have told him that discretion was the better part of valour when campaigning for a Lok Sabha seat. Particularly since no such feedback went to him from the MEA.

Mukherjee retracted within a couple of hours saying his comments were based on newspaper reports. “There is no official information about the so-called visit of Kasab’s mother as reported in a section of the media.”

Sources said Mukherjee had received this “input” from his officials who, in turn, were influenced by reports that a woman claiming to be Kasab’s mother had apparently turned up at the Mumbai police station asking to meet him.

This woman, who lives in Ghaziabad, turned out to be mentally unstable. The government could have been spared the blushes had the officials concerned double-checked the information before going public.

Lastly, the manner in which the entire Anjali Waghmare case has been handled actually suggests that India is not serious about ensuring punishment for the only terrorist security agencies managed to nab in the attacks. Waghmare was initially appointed Kasab’s defence lawyer but she started to have second thoughts after some political parties protested violently saying that Kasab did not deserve a defence lawyer.

It took Waghmare several days to decide. Meanwhile, authorities paid no heed to reports that the lawyer, before she got the Kasab brief, had represented one of the 26/11 victims in a compensation claim — the reason why she was eventually taken off the case. The almost bizarre delay in verifying the credentials of Waghmare has further delayed the trial.

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Get prepared to pay jizya tax

Not its not yet happening in India, but then with the taliban at our doorsteps and “Indian taliban” being a real threat in the near future and votebank politics being the norm of the day I guess we are not very far behind. If we are not united and if we loose our democratic values for votebank politics , then beware we will have to pay jizya in our own country, just like how we payed to the mughals.

Sikhs pay Rs 2 crore as ‘tax’ to Taliban in Pak

Islamabad: Members of Pakistan’s minority Sikh community living in the restive Aurakzai tribal region have paid Rs 2 crore as ‘tax’ to the Taliban after militants forcibly occupied some of their homes and kidnapped a Sikh leader.

The Taliban had demanded Rs 5 crore as jizia, a tax levied on non-Muslims living under Islamic rule, but the militants finally settled for Rs 2 crore.

After the amount was paid on Thursday, the militants vacated the homes they had taken over and released Sikh leader Saiwang Singh, officials in the tribal region near the northwestern city of Peshawar were quoted as saying by the Daily Times newspaper.

The officials said the Taliban had announced that the Sikhs were now free to live anywhere in Aurzakzai Agency. The militants also announced they would protect the community, saying that no one would harm them after they had paid jizia.

Sikhs who had left the area would now return to their homes and resume their business, the officials said.

The militants had occupied at least 10 homes of Sikhs in Qasimkhel village on Tuesday. About 35 Sikh families have been living in Qasimkhel for many years.

The Taliban demand for jizia was resolved at a jirga or council held yesterday through the efforts of local tribal elders. The militants had said the Sikhs should pay jizia in accordance with Shariah or Islamic law.

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