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Pak militants ban political parties in Fata

Until now we had the political parties banning the militants, and it was getting boring. so now a twist in the tale, Militants are banning political parties.

ISLAMABAD: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) have now banned political parties in the Bajaur region of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Both the separatist organizations have also issued a jirga banning meeting of more than three persons at a same place. According to the Daily Times, the decision was taken after four persons were killed in a clash between the activists of these two groups. The latest ban adds to the long list of activities that the Taliban has prohibited in the region.

The outlawed outfit had also barred women from venturing out of their house alone. Sale and purchase of music cds and film videos have also been banned. Growing beard and wearing turban has been made mandatory for men in the region.

Meanwhile, Taliban militants from Pakistan’s Swat valley are refusing to leave the Buner district which they forcibly occupied and have established a big base in the town, located just 100 km from the federal capital. The continued presence of the Taliban has forced the leaders of the Awami National Party, which rules the North West Frontier Province, to leave the region and the intervention of the tribal peace jirga to make them vacate the area has failed, The News daily reported on Tuesday.

The Taliban from Swat moved into Buner about two weeks ago. They have occupied a three-storey bungalow owned by a businessman in Sultanwas village and are using it as their headquarters, the paper said.

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Shariah in America as well?!?!?

Great, If anyone had a doubt about Taliban planning to impose islam over the world , please take a peek here. The taliban is right now not a threat but a reality in pakistan and India is still mum about it!!

MINGORA/LAHORE/NEW DELHI: Swat Taliban have said they are not bound to honour the peace accord between the government and cleric Sufi Muhammad, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.

According to the channel, they said the NWFP government had signed the deal with Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi, and not with the Taliban.

Taliban sharia: Although there was no official confirmation, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan issued a direct challenge to the legitimacy of Pakistan’s government in a telephone interview with the CNN, by demanding the imposition of the Taliban’s model of sharia throughout Pakistan and beyond, “even in America”.

Disagree: He also denounced any Pakistanis who disagreed with his interpretation of Islam, calling them “non-Muslims”. He also called for the imposition of jiziya, a tax to be levied on all non-Muslims in Pakistan.

In an Associated Press interview, he said Osama Bin Laden was welcome in Swat. “Yes, we will help them and protect them.”

Muslim Khan counted the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, the Jaish-e-Muhammad, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban of Afghanistan among his allies. “If we need, we can call them and if they need, they can call us,” he said. He said his forces would go to help the Taliban in Afghanistan if the United States and NATO continue to fight there.

In an interview to a Srinagar-based newspaper, he dismissed reports the Taliban would attempt to disrupt elections in Indian-held Kashmir. daily times monitor/ap/iftikhar gilani

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Communist Party of India has big stakes in private firms

So much for Socialism/Communism. I guess their double talk comes to the fore again, as  usual.

New Delhi: The Communist Party of India (CPI) claims it is dedicated to the spread of socialism (an economic system based on state ownership of capital), but its leaders have been merrily investing in private companies.

A scrutiny of I-T returns filed by CPI reveals functionaries have been regularly buying equity shares of at least eight private firms using party money.

The fact has been stated in the auditor’s report but has been overlooked by taxmen, perhaps because it does not directly concern them. Pune-based M/s PG Bhagwat Chartered Accountants has stated in its report that private equity shares worth lakhs of rupees have been purchased by CPI leaders. The auditor has, however, not named the leaders.

What raises suspicion is that two of the private firms — both based in Mumbai — have been shown to have shut shop.

I-T returns reveal CPI leaders bought equity shares worth Rs1,50,000 of Mayur Arts Pvt Ltd and worth Rs25,000 of Vanguard Publications Pvt Ltd.

The other companies of which CPI leaders have been shown to have purchased equity shares are People’s Publishing House Pvt Ltd (worth Rs22.93 lakh), New Delhi-based Navsahitya Printing and Publishing Co Pvt Ltd (Rs3.50 lakh), Kolkata-based Manisha Publications Pvt Ltd (Rs23,000), Nav Karnataka House Pvt Ltd (Rs5,000), Lok Vangmaya Griha Pvt Ltd (Rs8.10 lakh) and Navchetan Books Pvt Ltd (over Rs1 lakh).
There are other major discrepancies that have surprisingly escaped the notice of tax sleuths. The loss on account of closure of the two Mumbai firms has not been reflected in the balance sheet.

“If the auditors are stating that the firms have been closed, the investment made by the party is lost. Such investment cannot be shown in assets,” a tax expert said.

If this did not arouse suspicion of taxmen, the fact that the party does not possess equity share documents of three firms — Manisha Publishing, Navsahitya Printing and Publishing and Navchetan Books — should have.

People’s Publishing House, whose shares have been purchased by a CPI leader, has also been a beneficiary of the party’s generosity. CPI, whose net worth stayed between Rs5.08 crore (in 2001-02) and Rs6.12 crore (in 2005-06) and whose annual income did not exceed Rs1.22 crore in any of the five years, has disbursed Rs2.71 crore under “loans and advances” to the company.

The party also disbursed Rs50,000 to Navchetan Printing in 2003-04. The entry remains unchanged for the next two years, meaning there was no return of cash or kind from the publishing house.

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