Hindu Statement

Its not a Religious Statement, Its a Cultural Statement!!!

India, from the other side of the fence.

“The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence” . Not just the grass, from the indian side everything looks green on the other side of the fence. Blame it on the fast paced Islamization of that country. But from their side , it looks like the only color they are seeing is saffron.

Dawn.com has an article on the plight of the muslims in Gujarat and am sure that there is a good chance that the article has been “Teestalized” (Dont bother to look for the meaning of the word. I am just using it to denote all reports that are fabricated during the gujarat riots to bring a bad name to Modi and also to show a bad image of the country in front of the world. Did I mention that the reports have to be fabricated and gruesome)

Below are a few excerpts from the article.

Since 2002, when the worst riots since India’s partition left an estimated 2,000 Muslims dead in the western state of Gujarat, thousands have been pushed off the map and have little faith in the world’s largest democracy.

2000 Muslims were killed?? Really? So the hindus who were killed during the riot converted their religion to Islam after death? Well it has to be so because the total number of death itself is around 2000 if not less, so where will you account the Hindu deaths?

‘How would you feel if you have to live below a mountain of litter and drink polluted water everyday?’ said Riana Bano, a Muslim widow and mother of four girls.

We are a poor country, and that is the fate of many other people, yes including hindus, at many places around the country. We are trying to improve the situation but it does take time. And yes we do agree that the corrupt politicians are not helping one bit, but we are trying. And No its not a situation of the muslims alone.

The pogrom was in retaliation for an alleged attack by Muslims on a train that left 59 Hindus dead, although a central government probe later found the train fire to be an accident.

Read the statement, the words “Pogrom” and “alleged attack” stands out. And also did not anyone send them the report of the Nanavati comission? Probably all news has to flow through the taliban before it enters pakistan, hence the selective blindness. But about the “central government probe” they are talking about, (Banerjee comission) it was ruled as illegal “the Gujarat High Court ruled that the panel was set up illegally, in violation of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952”.

‘I will not caste my vote. Voting will bring no difference to my life,’ said Sheikh Abdul Majid, who lives in a fly-infested house in Ahmedabad and feeds his children with stale food he picks up in the nearby dump.

Hmm gruesome, but the reporter cannot defeat our very own Teesta in macabre reporting, but he/she is getting there.

I am not surprised by a “Teestalised” report in a pakistani daily, because , well we know how things are between us and the pakistanis. But the worst part is that we will have our “secular” media and “Intellectuals” nodding in agreement.

What I need to ask people on the otherside of the fence is how are they treating the muslims of their country, an Islamic Nation? Even there I guess the poor have a bad deal, and have to suffer like the poor in this country as well. If yes then why give a religious color to it?  The poor have been living a pathetic existence because of the bad policies and corrupt politicians and not because of their religious identity.

If they do have to give a religious colour can they answer what happened to the Hindus who were there in pakistan after the partition? Did they just evoporate? Dont the pakistanis realise that their house is on fire(read Taliban)  and they are trying to laugh at the broken window of their neighbour?

And for the uninformed, Gujarat muslims have better facilities, better standard of living, better employment in the government services than anywhere else in India. Yes they have a better life in gujarat than in anyother state run by the “Secular” parties. (Sachar Comitte report)
Does that make any sense? The muslims living in a fanatical hindu state have a better life than elsewhere in the country. Very surprising.

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  1. They will keep saying all bad things ,we should ignore them
    as every muslim in india knows he is more safe in india and happy in india.
    In india there is no hindu or muslim,i see only Indian.

    voted for you ,ty for visiting my blog and voting for it.

    Comment by sm | April 29, 2009

  2. Yeah but then, even we are the same. We would love to use every opportunity to mock pakistan, god knows when this will end.

    Comment by borneveryday | April 30, 2009

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