Hindu Statement

Its not a Religious Statement, Its a Cultural Statement!!!

For long will we talk about caste? How much more longer?

I just read an interview of Lalu Prasad Yadav with Thehelka. Secular Daily interviewing a secular neta. Anyway this below statement is what blew my lid off.

Your alliance seems caste-based.
And doesn’t it work? Caste formulas work everywhere. Even in your state, Maharashtra, everybody is fighting in the name of Marathas and non-Marathas. So what if we do the same?

In hindsight he is right, it works and thats the bane of this nation. There is no point blaming politicians for it, they are like blood sucking parasites, when they find blood they suck. But its upto the people of this nation to come out of the mentality of caste and caste formula’s. Casteism hasnt done any good for this country in the last few thousands of years and i am sure it will not help the future as well. So isnt it time for use to come out of it? Because if we dont, we will keep fighting within ourselves until another muhammed of ghazni come in from afghnistan to plunder us. And yeah , stock up a lot of money because if that happens then we will have to pay the jizya in our own country.

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  1. The caste division when I joined college for graduation was in between chaudaries (their actual caste is Khamma in Telugu, but for style quotient they call themselves Chaudaries) and non-chaudaries. By the time I reached third year, the division was between five parties – chaudaries, reddys, naidus, settys and the rest. The rules were simple and implied. Students of one party wont rag or party with students of other parties. By the time I passed out of college, there were rumours that the SC/STs would form a different group and would would help each other while getting books from libraries or studying for examinations etc. Simply stupid!!

    Yesterday I was talking to my uncle. He lamented about this whole caste divide in graduate colleges. Believe it or not, this divide is so strong in Engineering colleges across andhra pradesh, that there have incidents of criminal cases out of petty little fights in between groups of differnet castes! He said “in my days, caste was for marriage purposes only. Today it is there even in education!!”. Dr. Arvind Sharma in this post takes a look at the Manu Smriti.


    “All ancient Indian sources make a sharp distinction between the two terms; varṇa is much referred to, but jāti very little, and when it does appear in literature it does not always imply the comparatively rigid and exclusive social groups of later times. If caste is defined as a system of groups within the class, which are normally endogamous, commensal and craft-exclusive, we have no real evidence of its existence until comparatively late times”

    We should really thank the British a lot for creating the divide in so many ways that it is impossible to get people out of this thinking. Thanks to Macaulay. Thanks to T.J.Griffith. Thanks to Keith. Thanks to all the linguists, philologists!! And thanks to the great Indian leaders too who fought alongside British to alleviate the country of caste problems which didnt even seem to have existed until the division was created!!

    Comment by Vivek | May 4, 2009

  2. Vivek, Thanks for the comment.
    I knew that the colleges in andhra had a “little” caste divide, but what u said is a revelation. The only way it can be eliminated is by making sure that we dont follow it, it cannot start from the economically and educationally backward people because caste system is ingrained into their life style, its educated people who have to start it and it has to slowly percolate downwards.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 5, 2009

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