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No peace but surely a Church in Afghanistan!

US soldiers have been encouraged to spread the message of their Christian faith among Afghanistan’s predominantly Muslim population, video footage obtained by Al Jazeera appears to show.


“The special forces guys – they hunt men basically. We do the same things as Christians, we hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down,” he says.

These guys stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, they can stoop down to any lengths to convert people. They are out to preach religion(christianity) to a country that has been ravaged because of the very same reason, Religion(radical Islam). Do these people feel that in a country where people have nothing to eat,  religion will fill peoples stomach? Am actually now wondering  whether the reason for the war itself had a hidden agenda.

Afghanistan was a peaceful budhist place until hordes of Islamic attackers captured it and converted or killed everyone there. Now we have almost the same scenes taking place , except that the attackers and their religion is different. Are we seeing a rerun of history here?

Do they even have a sense of shame doing so? Am not against preaching your faith, but the places that they “hunt” is what abhors me. Why dont they try convincing educated and thinking people to convert?  Why dont they convert people from well to do families and dont need their “help” (in terms of cash) to live. They would not, for they know that their propoganda will fall flat on its face.

If the poor soul of Jesus Christ were to see what the church does in his name, I am sure that he would himself not want to be a part of the church. He might even convert back to being a Jew, or something else.  Yes I do believe so, he will really not want to be a part of this, third rated propoganda machinery.

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