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I would like to know your thoughts on whether India is really on the track to become a super power in the near future? Below are my thoughts on why we might actually NOT become a super power soon, UNLESS we make an effort to root out the basic problems our society and country has. Do comment.


India will be a super power in the next 15 years, they say, but will it really? With growing insecurity, casteism , crime against women, poverty and the complete apathy towards the public by  the political class, are we really going to be a super power? If a nation has to be called  a super power, the people of the nation have to be empowered , and have to be provided atleast the basic needs and security. The way our government and politicians work, do not give confidence to me. But then we also need to think, whether we as a society are ready to take the nation ahead in its path to become a super power. Again the confidence is not very strong. Let me give you a few examples.

With the caste system so prevalent in our country, we are not able to think forward without the blinders of caste put onto our eyes. The politicos are more hell bent on treating them as vote bank, rather than eradicating it. People are still considered untouchables here. People are still not allowed into temples. The so called lower castes are not allowed to drink water from the village wells.   We have entire villages being burnt down and people killed in the name of caste. Are we really going to be a super power

Women are not liberated nor are they secure. They cannot venture out alone without being, at the minimum, commented upon. They do not have a right to education. They are still burnt for dowry. They still have to go many kilometers to fetch drinking water. They still have to get up early in the morning to attend natures calls because they dont have a decent toilet. Widows still live a pathetic life.

We have almost every state talking about themselves first and then about the nation as a whole. Hell they even want freedom from India. We have people still talking about the Aryan/Dravidian’s divide. We have regular coverage of the big cities in the main stream media while the north east is a mentioned in the passing. Do we even consider the north eastern states as a part on the Indian Union?

We have a politicians dividing the nation on regional, lingual and religious lines. We have governments unwilling to hang terrorists because of votebank politics. We are a country that clamps NSA on some one for an alleged hate speech while giving political mileage to a Coimbatore blast accused. We have different laws for different religions.

The lives of innocent civilians are of no value. Hundreds die of terrorist attacks and we have the home minister trying to look his very best on those days.

The number of people below poverty line is about 300 million (30 Cr.) . Thats like 30% of the population. So 3 in every10 indians dont have  food , house or clothing. They dont know if they will get their next meal. They dont have a place to call home and nothing to cover their skeletal bodies. Super power? Really?

We have absolutely no transperency at the government level, infact at any level. No one knows how the tax payers money is spent. No one know how the politicians increase their assets by more than 100% year on year without fail while the country lacks the basic infrastructure. No one knows who have stashed their illgotten wealth in tax havens outside Indian and how they got that much money in the first place. How do they make so much money out of a “developing third world country”?

How much ever we try to show the “millionaire” face of India ,we still have to face the reality of  being “slumdogs” .

I realy doubt Indias credentials to become a super power. And we as a society are to be blamed for that, because the society is the main cause of the evil prevelant here and the politicians are only cashing in on it ( Literally )


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  1. A good summary of the problems we face.

    I, for one, don’t think we have any chance of becoming a superpower. Even in the very distant future.

    Quirky Indian

    Comment by Quirky Indian | May 15, 2009

  2. Wow, Really? You must be really pissed of at the state of affairs.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 15, 2009

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