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Election Postmortem.

The Election festival is over and the results announced.  I might not be very happy about the outcome :-), but Congratulations to the congress for such a spectacular win.

There are a few quite notable things in this election which stood out.

The mood of the people for a national party is probably the best thing that happened in this election. Almost all the smaller, opportunistic parties which were mostly running as family business, have been shown their place. Yes  not all have been drubbed yet and I hope that they will be shown the door in the next election and we will get to see less of these parties at the Lok Sabha level.  I guess the most ideal situation would be to have these regional parties win the assembly elections  and the national parties win the Lok Sabha.

Thank god that we have been saved the nuisance of these small parties thumping their chest and asking for the larger piece of the pie. Thank god we wont have to see parites with just a couple of MP’s threaten to bring down a government because their cup of tea did not have the righ amount of sugar (well they are capable of it). Noe they can all go back to their respective states and lick ther wounds and may be get on with their work, like builng their own statues.

India did not have to face (this time)  the shame of having illiterate and useless megalomaniacs becoming its Prime Minister. Whatever anyone has against Manmohan singh, he is a thousand times better than anyone like…… well we know who they are.

And then we have Rahul Baba. Notwithstanding my dislike towards him, I have to agree that he did make an impact, a very big one. Firstly he made the congress look more youthful than the BJP, with his coitere of young leaders. Secondly the way UP congress was reseructed from the dead was amazing. All said and done, I still dont agree that he is a PM material( not yet :-)).

See why I think so

BJP on the other hand, probably had nothing to fight for and nothing to show, except Gujarat. Also they should have realised that Narendra modi has not yet built an image that is acceptable accross the country. So showing him as a  PM candidate was a blunder. The mud slinging by the topmost leader of the BJP on the Prime Minister, was surely not a very good idea.  It left a bad taste in the mouth. Also the second rung leaders of the BJP did not give much confidence. Yes they might be good leaders but would they be good ministers is a topic open for debate.

The BJP has a lot to work for because this was not a fractured verdict nor a negative vote against the BJP. It was a Positive averdict for the congress to rule the country yet again.

I know its a just a set back for the BJP but its not a minor one. Its surely a MAJOR set back and unless they put their house in order, they can expect the same result next time. But for the moment the Singh is King.

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  1. The smileys in your article seem to hav left a bad taste in my mouth!

    My understanding is that Manmohan acted as teflon coating protecting cong. I mean how can the people forget the terror attacks, telecom scam, deal behind the deal and all the stuff that went on in the last 5 years? I am really looking forward to how the blue turban is going to handle the upcoming storm of issues. 2004 started with money with the treasury, controlled inflation levels, good FDI and all. Now the blue turban need to really be careful.

    Comment by Vivek | May 18, 2009

  2. Yes there were problems, from the previous government, but what did BJP do to project it to the nation? Nothing much, the only lingering images of the BJP of the last election was the “Weak PM” , “Modi for PM” , and the “Swiss bank accounts”. they did not try to connect with the people who actually vote(the ones who dont have internet connection and the ones who cant see advanis blog).

    Comment by borneveryday | May 18, 2009

  3. Well you never mentioned about bjp connecting to people in the past three months in this blog! Moreover, doesnt ladli lakshmi yojana connect with people? doesnt raising savings bar to 3 lakhs connect with people(forget internet connected folks here)? doesnt it sound ironic that even after so much pain and suffering by common man, UPA is back?

    just because of the poverty politics of upa, for example waiver after waiver instead training the farmers to face the trouble situations (read offstumped for more on how exemplary Gujarat is in this regard), reservations (OBC votes) UPA is back. If this is how you are supposed to connect to people, then I am glad NDA didnt connect to the people (as in freeloaders).

    I understand that you are trying to see something positive out of the election but then as a hindu, i am a little more worried. First thing that came to my mind around 11:30 AM on 16th may was Rama Sethu. Next TTD. Then Amarnath. Then Taliban. Then came to my mind “mulsims’ first right on national resources” dialogue. May be I am paranoid but certainly I feel worried!

    Comment by Vivek | May 18, 2009

  4. yes,i agree with you the small parties and there demands .
    whatever happend we like it or not it is good for india,a stable govt with clean Pm ,singh is king .

    Comment by sm | May 18, 2009

  5. @ Vivek
    I am not saying they havent done anything, am asking did they PROJECT it to the people, its called marketing. Yes even political parties have to do it and it has to be targetted at the right audience. A ladli Lakshmi yojna might be good but if it is marketed to the upwardly mobile, it does not serve the purpose.
    Also the people of india are not fools, if they have voted out some party, there is a reason behind this. BJP needs to figure out what it is.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 19, 2009

  6. @sm
    Yes its better to have a stable government. But then we had stable governments for more than 40-50 years and why is india still like this? I think BJP needs to use this 5 year time span to understand where it went wrong and rectify it.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 19, 2009

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