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Church claims credit for Congress crown

For anyone who feels that the church in India does not have any poilitcal ambitions, here is a shocker. But for many of us, its not a surprise at all, just that they have admitted  to it in public. The church is claiming credit for the UDF win in Kerala. With this I think their next target would be India as a whole. The Hindu temples are being taken over by the government and the government inturn is taken over by the Church. Wow thats a nice way to take control of a country.

What i dont understand is that when Hindu religious sadhus/priests ask for people to support a party that party is termed as “communal”, whille the church and the mullahs  asks for people to support  someone the party automatically becomes “secular”.

But we got to hand it to them, when the church or the mullahs urge their community to vote for a party, the whole community votes enmass for that party. When a hindu religious head asks for the same he is branded communal by his own people and they vote for a “secular” party which anyway is getting “minority” votes courtesy the church and the mullah’s

All you “secular” people, this post is dedicated to you. And also to those people who think that religion is a personal choice and it has got nothing to do with the government in a democracy. So much for democracy and secularism.

Thiruvananthapuram: The Left is yet to come to terms with its humiliating defeat in Kerala. If the CPI(M) politburo wants any answers, the Catholic Church has it. Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which openly campaigned for the Congress in the run-up to the elections, claims it is their victory.

“This is an answer to those who said the faithful would not follow the advice of priests and bishops in political affairs. The Church has worked that hard against the LDF government,” said Dr Stephen Alathara, spokesmen of KCBC, the apex body of Catholic bishops in Kerala.

A pastoral letter by the KCBC, read out amid Sunday Mass in Kerala’s churches a fortnight ahead of the polls, exhorted the flock to steer clear of the CPI(M) and the BJP, a negligible presence in the bipolar state. “Constitutional crises are frequent nowadays. The violations of minority rights in education sector should be assessed in this context.”


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  1. It is almost impossible for a government to work without intervention from the religious majority (ofcourse not in india).
    For example, it is believed that Hitler was encauraged by the then Pope in execution of jews.
    Crusades were directed by Pope as a political propoganda for generating wealth besides capturing Yerushalem.
    Invasion of India by Islamists was under the control of Capliphate.
    Russian Tzars were completely under control of Russian Catholic Church.

    If this was before democracy got its due importance, it didnt change much even afterward.

    Pope still controls many countries like it or not.
    Islamic clerics call the shots even in self declared democracies like Malaysia. Due to their pressure, Malaysian govt had to declare Yoga as unaccpetable to Islam.

    India, being a country where nationhood is fast fading (yeah I know about the decisive mandate and all but dude, they didnt vote enmasse to congress but it is all a strange play of arithemetics), each state has its own priorities. I am not surprised that most of northeast LS constituencies elected muslims. Bangladeshi infiltrators had been becoming legal indian citizens. Thanks to IM(DT) and indira gandhi. What you have written in this post is shocking but not surprising. We all know who is in majority in Kerala.

    And yet, thanks to our secular credentials, even though Hindus are in majority in India, we are not even allowed to voally support a political party. All we are supposed to do is take care of minority at the stake of our security, financial stability and nationhood. Thanks to the consitution of my country. But then Secular was added by Indira Gandhi in 1975 when India was under emergency. The whole ammendment itself didnt pass through a good discussion and review. When are we going to change that? Are we going to change that at all?

    I dont think so because we are happy that people are giving decisive mandates to the political parties which dont seem to have any interest in protecting majority rights from minority infiltration!

    Comment by Vivek | May 20, 2009

  2. Even India before democracy was under the influence of the priestly class. All the hindu kingdoms were surely under the control of the priestly class.
    The problem is that it still continues after we declared our selves to be a democracy.
    I for one am in favor of a government and its policies being completely seperate from religious lines. Be it majority or minority.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 20, 2009

  3. I’m not sure if it makes me “happy” but surely this report is something to know and spread around. Of course the ELM will make all attempts to silence this.
    Good work, keep it up and keep us posted!

    Comment by Bhavananda | May 20, 2009

  4. After reading your posts in Aryan Invasion, I thought you would have known about the distortions introduced into our history by western historians.

    Brahmins never internvened in administration. They were handy tools for the kings, thats all. Infact, it is very well documented as to how Chanakya removed Nandas from Magadha throne and replaced Nandas with Chandragupta, but it is not clearly written as to why it happened. If you had watched Chankya TV series of early 90’s, Chandra Prakash dwivedi offered a different perspective based on some research he did and i see no reason why one should contest his views!

    Assuming that you are interested to learn more on why i say brahmins never intervened, I would like to go into a bit more detail:

    1) There is no historical account to preists of any particular temple or monks/seers of any particular school of thought influencing a king. Kings always had their own gurus who guided them continuously. Like Vasista for Dasaratha but even in the case of Dasaratha, Sumanthra was the amartya and not Vasista. Vasista was just an advisor. Vasista never imposed his decisions on Dasaratha.

    2) There are accounts of amartya or mantri taking undue advantage of week kings, yes. But there is no account of a priest who mis-used power. Contrary to taht, there have been accounts of brahmins revolting against attrocious kings to get things into control. heres one such account:

    “It is said that the last King of Janak Dynasty – Kirti Janak was atrocious ruler who lost control over his subjects. He was dethroned by public under leadership of Acharyas (Learned Men). During this period of fall of Mithila empire, the famous republic of Lichavis was rising in {Vaishali]] and Mithila region came under control of Lichavis in around seventh century BC.”

    3) I would like to req you to look at the following links:


    this is a project by Francois Gautier to correct distortions in indian history. specifically read about caste:
    “Caste was originally an arrangement for the distribution of functions in society, just as much as class in Europe, but the principle on which this distribution was based was peculiar to India. A Brahmin was a Brahmin not by mere birth, but because he discharged the duty of preserving the spiritual and intellectual elevation of the race, and he had to cultivate the spiritual temperament and acquire the spiritual training which alone would qualify him for the task. The Kshatryia was Kshatryia not merely because he was the son of warriors and princes, but because he discharged the duty of protecting the country and preserving the high courage and manhood of action, and he had to cultivate the princely temperament and acquire the strong and lofty Samurai training which alone fitted him for his duties. So it was for the Vaishya whose function was to amass wealth for the race and the Shudra who discharged the humbler duties of service without which the other castes could not perform their share of labour for the common, good”

    Infact if you remember Shravan from Ramayana, he was son of a Vysya father and Sudra Mother (specifically a dalit). Nobody talks about it. Inter caste marriages had been discussed previously and well documented too. Krishna was yadava where as Rukmini was kshatriya queen. It is after islamic and english invasions that other mis-interpretations and mis-representations started pouring in.

    On plusultra blog, Raj wrote this one:

    please go through the different resources available on net to understand how the whole issue of caste had been blown out of proportion. Deendayal Upadhyaya said in his integral humanism “all four castes are laid out from the same purusha. disharmony between the four parts cant leave the body in peace”.

    Comment by Vivek | May 20, 2009

  5. @vivek
    am really happy to see some one who understands our past and is hopeful about our future. I have read these a long time back and am not ignorant about these facts. But then learn to take history with a pinch of salt, its good for you and for the future of this nation because history is always written by the victors. You think the priestly class got so powerful just by reciting vedas at a temple?
    Also u make a very hasty conclusion about me. Not a good sign.
    But I liked your rebuttal. Bravo

    Comment by borneveryday | May 20, 2009

  6. @bhavananda
    when i said “you will love this” I forgot to put it within quotes to show sarcasm, but i know you would understand what i meant.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 20, 2009

  7. Can you tell what the source for this news is ? I would like to quote the source , if I publish this on my blog .

    Comment by Kislay Chandra | May 21, 2009

  8. @Kislay,

    I had put the URL into the word “Thiruvananthapuram”. I gues I will have to make it more explicit from next time.
    Here is the URL

    Comment by borneveryday | May 21, 2009

  9. Yes, its better to make it more explicit. I too had to search a bit for it, especially because everything in the blog is blue 🙂

    Comment by Bhavananda | May 21, 2009

  10. […] Church claims credit for Congress crown « Hindu Statement Uncategorized | […]

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  11. @Bhavananda
    Point noted. The “blue color” is noted as well 🙂

    Comment by borneveryday | May 22, 2009

  12. this post is fuckin shit…. if you hindus claim this is your country you idiots are a majority then why the fuck are u scared of the catholic church….
    one more thing you idiot: dont compare the christian church with mullas and dick head hindus… we are way to ahead than you….
    fuck you.

    Comment by carlton tapp | March 26, 2011

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