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Is Congress stealing the thunder from the BJP.

The Congress seems to be doing an image make over as a young and dignified party, endearing itself to the urban crowd, while carrying its old image as a party of the rural masses with equal ease.

  1. Looks like the number of young leaders in congress is on the rise, with the help of Rahul Gandhi, and he seems to be inclined to add more young guns to the team. Contrast this with BJP, which does not have many young leaders to boast of, at the national level. This seems to be a very importnat issue considering that the average age of the  Indian populace is what were term as young.
  2. It is not a secret that the congress sounded more dignified during the mud slinging match between the “weak” PM and the “strong”  Advani (add a pinch of Modi, Rahul and Priyanka to spice it up). After the end of it, it looks like it was the BJP which lost ground because of the episode.
  3. Most of the cities have voted for the Congress or its allies, which until recently have been BJP strong holds. That clearly indicates that the middle class, educated, urban voters are getting pulled towards the congress.
  4. It is a fact that the congress looks better in the media, be it visual or print. BJP spokespersons might be great people with excellent qualification and reputation, but they are not able to create an image in the minds of people which will remove the bad publicity that it has been getting all these years.  But got to admit that the BJP did look dignified in defeat and did not act like a child who just lost a race at the  sports meet.

So the question that I am pondering upon is wether the BJP loosing its shine to the congress? Will it fade into oblivion in the near future?

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  1. i agree with you…and the fact that BJP was so over confident of its win and projected Mr. Advani (he only Adds Vaani and nothing else…) to be the next PM with copied campaigns, atleast on the internet…

    Comment by Rohan | May 21, 2009

  2. BJP had seen debacles before too. This is just another debacle for them. It is very well known that the educated middle class likes to call itself righteous by voting for congress. In my view, a hindu and educated voter is the one who feels guilty for everything starting from muslim suffering to dalit suffering. By voting for congress, they prove that they are little more secular. Educated middle class hindu voter has no time for thinking about hindu, because he is busy being secular!

    Their eyes glow with respect when they see someone educated in camebrdige, stanford, hardvard and the likes. The reason is simple. For these (ill)educated middle class, brand matters than content. My father is a lecturer f=in mathematics and he meets people in this class on a regular basis. A student from a premium institute is treated as a great asset, no matter how much he/she has learnt.

    It is for the same reason that even sonia gandhi claims to have a degree from camebridge even though dr. subramania swamy proved that she didnt even complete high school. We need not be very much surprised about educated voters in cities responding to congress’ not-so-true credentials.

    On the congress looking better in media, well which channel portrays BJP well in media. They deliberately talk of Muthalik as associated with BJP. Is it true? Check for yourself! The educated voter in the city simply has no time to check it out. Media is taking advtg of this and portraying the leaders they love (they got 400 cr stimulus from govt recently)!

    BJP is not going to fade off. No sir, the time is not now. It faced debacles before also. It was janata party some time back. It rose up as BJP in 1980. BJP is just a tool for hindu revival. If not in the name of BJP, it will remain active in some other name!

    This whole talk of fading BJP is a bunk! BJP won 12 seats less than that of last time. Yet it entered into Karnataka. Isnt that a good sign?

    Comment by Vivek | May 21, 2009

  3. If the BJP will die , then it will upset the balance . It needs to emerge , as a true “Bhartiya Janta” party .

    Comment by Kislay Chandra | May 21, 2009

  4. @Vivek,
    I agree with most of your points, but for the media part. Media does not show BJP in the right light, so whose onus is it to rectify it? Thats why I say that the BJP should bring in more spokespersons who are articulate enough to show it in the right light. Else it should stop blaming the media or start a new channel which brings its perspective to the people. I do not approve of the latter option because that will typecast that channel as a BJP ideologue, it is rather important that it takes part in clearing the notions against it in the “national media”.
    But will that be enough? No because how many people in india sit and watch the election updates, not many, the rest can be convinced with focus on the grass root level. For BJP Election 2009 was about bombarding the electronic media with the BJP Ad’s, and not the grassroots/vernacular press and we know the result.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 21, 2009

  5. @Kislay
    Yes it will upset the balance. But my question is whether it has the strength to tilt the balance. The lack of leaders at the lower level(young 2nd rung leaders) is a bit frightening.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 21, 2009

  6. @borneveryday,

    media is morally in a wrong position in this and I didnt expect that you would say it is BJP’s onus to rectify it!

    If you observe TN or AP, every channel has a mouthpiece in both electronic and print and every body shows a gloomy picture of other camps while glorifying their own. If this is the way media works, then wat good is such a media? In my view, BJP doenst have enuf support to start its own channel. However, I too feel that it shouldnt be a blind supporter of BJP. By the very name, media should just be a medium to transfer news to people. In our country, media has become a source of favouring news to one given political party by personal choice. Unfortunate!

    On BJP bombarding electronic media, i bet you cant show me if TimesNow, IBN or NDTV had telecast atleast one BJP ad! They only telecast Congress Ads. BJP instead concentrated on local news-channels/news-papers and for urban voters they targeted internet. It didnt work and we all know why it didnt.

    BJP has enough spokespersons but the problem is they are deliberately not allowed to take standpoint in discussions. Unfortunately, the people who media is afraid of like Govindachari ji etc have left the party but there is no dearth of eloquent debaters in BJP. Media once again does the dirty job of picking a spade from BJP and a road-roller from Congress. If you pit Prakash Javadekar against Kapil Sibal, you who has the wit and sense of humor to win the debate. Sometimes, they make the mistake of pitting pitting Arun Jaitley against Anand Sharma and BJP does capitalize on such situtations.

    Just to appease people, BJP shouldnt project Shahnawaz Hussain or Naqvi as their face!

    Comment by Vivek | May 21, 2009

  7. Yes i still believe the Onus is with BJP. And yes the media is/may be biased, but do you for whatever reason believe that media will rectify it on their own? No, thats why I say that BJP has to make efforts to to clear their image, after all its they who are shown i bad light.
    Thats where a very good spokes person comes into play.
    And about ads not being shown, that’s more to do with the finacials and the business aspects, between two the parties. It is for sure not because the media blocked out the Ads of BJP and just did a telecast Congress’ ad.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 21, 2009

  8. I beg you not to indulge in guess work over media. Didnt you look at the face of each and every anchor on differnet news channels on the 16th of May 2009? Did it look like they were reporting the incoming trends? Media is morally in a very wrong position! dont you remember notes-for-votes? I have no doubt these channels denied broadcasting BJP Ads on purpose, though I cant prove it!

    By distancing yourself from BJP you may be in a position to criticize BJP but truth be told, BJP is simply accepted by media on the basis of its perception of secularism. My father always told me that people like to move away from losers and that is when the losers should be careful and not loose hope! Looking all the responses on the debacle, seems like he was absolutely right. Advani, Modi are now being called fascist! Till a few days ago they were singing peans to the same leaders! Till a few days ago, BJP represented a party with differnce. One defeat and everybody is taking a moral guard! Pcch Pity!

    Comment by Vivek | May 21, 2009

  9. Criticism, especially after an election, is most welcome. But, it should be rational. After a loss, almost anyone you can find is slinging mud at the BJP or its leaders regarding any issue they disliked. But, BJP must have done “something” good, NO? why else would it win decisively in karnataka or jharkhand or chattisgarh and maintain leads in Gujarat. That Raj, Vijaykant or Chiru make a swing of 50+ seats was something no one really imagined. Sure, there’s a lot of short comings, but doesn’t mean everything was wrong.

    Personally, I don’t think BJP’s stand on strong leadership or national secuarity was wrong. People thought congress was good at its economy – nregs, loan waivers, etc etc. As for BJP’s stand vis-a-vis media, I think BJP should completely ignore it. Jaitley and others tried a lot to lick the media boots, but it’s evident that (with the foreign money flowing into it) media will remain anti-BJP. So, BJP might be courting media at its own peril.

    Comment by Bhavananda | May 21, 2009

  10. I am still not convinced that BJP did everything right and the media demonised it to such an extent that it lost the elections.

    After a loss it is very very important to understand your weakness and improve on it. And at times if it means that some of your TRUSTED well wishers turn into critics its for your own good(You get to know the reason for your failure).
    @vivek & bhavananda
    Do not hit a self goal. I know u would understand.

    Comment by borneveryday | May 21, 2009

  11. yes i agree with you totally .

    Comment by sm | May 21, 2009

  12. @borneveryday: Exactly my point, when you say that BJP needs to understand the **weaknesses**. All I’m adding that we need to argue rationally what are our weaknesses and what are our strengths, so as to reduce the former and build upon the later. I just don’t see the distinction in any analyses, including this one. This is why I said that our strong leadership is our strength and ignoring rural voters is our weakness and so on.
    No matter how much we dislike the media, I do not say that media is the most imp. reason for our defeat. It was just one of the many reasons.
    Bottomline: I give maximum points to a critique that highlights the strengths *AND* the weaknesses, and this (including every other I’ve seen) only mentions the weaknesses.

    Comment by Bhavananda | May 22, 2009

  13. @Bhavananda
    With all due respect to your way of thinking, I beg to differ.
    You will criticise some one either because u dont believe in their ideology or you beileve in the ideology but see something wrong. What is wrong in talking about weakness first and then talk about the strength. I believe that lack of weakness in itself is a strength. So I prefer to reduce weakness and then build on the strengths. There is no necessity to sugarcoat a weakness with strength because it hurts us to look at weakness seperately.
    And i give maximum points to a critic who points out weakness in an ideology in which he strongly believes and follows. (b.t.w. he already knows the strength, else he wouldnt follow the ideology at all).

    Comment by borneveryday | May 22, 2009

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