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Kashmir, the next IT Hub?

Its a clear and undeniable fact that dissidence can be stopped only by economic empowerment and not by brute force. You cannot remove dissent by giving “special status” to the area and its people and make them look like not being a part of us. Give Kashmir inclusive growth , inclusive economic and political reforms and very soon we can see them boot the militancy out of their state. I do believe that Kashmir is not talibanised and they don’t want to wage jihad on India. What they want is to live their life like the rest of the Indian populace. Article 370 I guess is surely not the right step forward. What it does, is make them believe that they are not a part of India. And when they are not a part of India, they would obviously retaliate when Indian army camps in their back yard and shove guns on their faces.

Having an army control the dissent is similar to the situation in Sri Lanka. They might have quelled the military resistance by the LTTE, but to be certain that armed resistance does not raise its head again, Sri Lanka has to begin an inclusive political solution. It has to make sure that the Tamils are not treated as second class citizens. Else it wont be long before another Prabhakaran takes up the gun against the government.

Below is an article in dawn which makes a happy reading. Dont be surprised when you read “Indian Administered Kashmir, instead of just Kashmir :-). And yes the Indian media might not have this anywhere because for them Kashmir is news only when terrorists strike or when the the army perpetuates the so called “human rights violations”. Other wise The map of India which the Indian media refers does not have J&K , just like North East does not exist in it.

Original Article : Ebbing violence booms IT in Indian Administered Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Providing sleeping facilities might be seen as good management practice at your average, round-the-clock call centre, but in Indian administered Kashmir it has the advantage of preventing workers getting shot.

Opened in 2004, Access Infrastructure was born of a period of relative peace in a region where at least 47,000 people have been killed since an armed insurgency against Indian rule began 20 years ago.

Its presence and the subsequent arrival of other IT software and service companies is being seen as evidence of a mini-boom in Indian administered Kashmir, which has been a byword for economic stagnation and high unemployment.

But since India and Pakistan, who have fought two wars over divided Indian administered Kashmir, launched a peace process in 2004, there has been a marked reduction in the once almost daily bombings, shootings and militant gunfights with the army.


‘The reduction in violence boosted investment in Indian administered Kashmir and then we came in offering secondary services,’ said Irfan Ansari, the chief executive officer of Access Infrastructure, which specialises in telecoms billing.

Nevertheless, Indian administered Kashmir’s summer capital of Srinagar remains a volatile and sometimes extremely dangerous city – which accounts for the beds in the office.

‘We have arrangements for employees to sleep over in case of curfews and other disturbances,’ said Access executive Khalid Abbas.


Faisal Masood, assistant manager at Access, has about 300 people working in six shifts to serve clients of one of Indian administered Kashmir’s largest mobile phone networks.

‘We are hoping to add to that number soon, despite the recession,’ he said.


Tanveer Khan, 26, quit Bangalore-based Wipro, India’s third-biggest software company, and said he accepted a sharply reduced salary to return to Indian administered Kashmir seven months ago.

‘But it’s great to be back home,’ he said.


Raman Roy, head of New Delhi-based Quattro BPO Solutions and considered a pioneer of India’s outsourcing industry, described Indian Indian administered Kashmir as having ‘huge potential’.


The problems notwithstanding, young Kashmiris are hopeful and enthusiastic about the life-changing opportunities on offer.

‘Earlier, we had no avenues for work. Teaching was the only career option for us women, followed by marriage,’ said Zubaidah Bhat, a 25-year-old trainer at Access.

‘Now I have a way to concentrate on a career. It is truly empowering for women like me,’ she said.

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  1. I agree that “…dissidence can be stopped only by economic empowerment and not by brute force.”. But look at all the unethical ways Pakistanis are using to change Indian Borders and claim Indian Regions even on Google Maps. Its not a fair game that they are playing…


    Comment by Satyabhashnam | June 5, 2009

  2. i need to have money even if it means to kill

    Comment by nkno alfred tayong | February 26, 2010

  3. Kashmiris should trace back their history first in an unbiased manner. Pakistan is in turmoil and it needs rescue from anyone of these three countries viz, India, China and Russia. USA has already discarded Pakistan. Let us get that straight. Kashmiris in general are not at all fighting, it is the Mullahs, they are alarmed by what is going on in their own society. The recent Christian conversion, many Kashmiri youths are becoming Atheist and it is a dangerous sign for the Mullahs and Imams as they think their faith is in danger.

    Comment by Konkan | April 28, 2012

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