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“You Indian, you do as you’re told.”

No, its not what some white said to an Indian in colonial india.
The White cricket coach has the cheek to say this in a tournament called the INDIAN Premier League, a coach of a team named after and Indian city Kolkata and owned by an Indian. Still , no one cares, no one bothers. Why? Because mentally we are still slaves of the whites. We still see the whites as our masters, we still look at every opportunity to lick their feet.

Jadeja revealed how an Indian player was asked to come off while fielding and when asked why he was called back, one of the assistant coaches said: “You Indian, you do as you’re told.”

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Francois Gautier on the absurdities of Indian Politics.

Francois Gautier sums it all up about Indian Politics. You cant help but nod your head in approval to his thoughts.

The Kafkaesque streak in Indian politics

Franz Kafka (1852 to 1931) was a Czech writer, most famous for his novels The Trial and The Metamorphosis, where the Absurd, Grotesque and the Illogical were given a new life with impossible twists. The word ‘Kafkaesque’ has today transcended the literary realm and pertains to real-life occurrences and situations that are incomprehensibly complex, bizarre, illogical, often with a sense of impending danger.

The term ‘Kafkaesque’ could be very well applied to today’s politics in India, for things have gone to such a pitch of absurd, unfair, blatant and outrageous illogical state that it baffles the mind. Yet, neither the politicians, nor most of the press, find anything wrong in it.

Just a few examples to illustrate my point:

Bharatiya Janata Party  leader Varun Gandhi  spent nearly three weeks in jail under the National Security Act, just because he said something which might be reprehensible. But many mullahs spew fire and venom in their Friday discourses — but none ever gets arrested because riots would erupt immediately.

Sadhvi Pragnya, a Hindu monk, has been languishing in jail for months even though no conclusive proof has been brought forward of her direct involvement in the Malegaon blasts  case. Recently she was reportedly assaulted by a Muslim inmate at a Mumbai  jail and sustained injuries to her face, nose and neck.

But you have the Islamist leader Abdul Nasser Madani, an accused in the Coimbatore bomb blasts of 1998 which cost the lives of 60 people who was subsequently acquitted, and whose outfit the People’s Democratic Party is campaigning in Kerala along with the CPI-M . Kafkaesque?

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Media and News is yours, if you have the moolah.

We knew that there is a bias towards certain parties among the media, but then, this is a revelation. You can now buy the news that will appear in the media, even if the “news” has never happened. In a democracy people tend to believe that media is the back bone of the system, but here, in our democracy(??) the media is free for all, as long as you have the money to buy them.

I have heard/read of the bravery and resolve the media showed during the emergency declared by Indira Gandhi.  I am also aware of their work to create awareness among the Indian middle class. But I did not know that the news that i might be reading or seeing on TV would be false. In the quest to increase their readership and viewership,  the media has forgotten the most important aspect of journalism, the authenticity and the non biased nature of the news they report!! Forget checking the authenticity, they themselves are creating news for cash.

The article on Wall street Journal will blow your head off. Excerpts from the article are below.

Ajay Goyal is a serious, independent candidate contesting for a Lok Sabha seat in Chandigarh.
Never heard of him? Neither, probably, have a lot of people in Chandigarh because when it came to getting press coverage for his campaign he was faced with a simple message: If you want press, you have to pay.

So far, he says, he’s been approached by about 10 people – some brokers and public relations managers acting on behalf of newspaper owners, some reporters and editors – with the message that he’ll only get written about in the news pages for a fee. We’re not talking advertising; we’re talking news.


In one case, he went along to see what would happen: a press release he submitted full of falsehoods – claiming he had campaigned in places he had never been, for instance – ran verbatim. One thing he has never seen on his real campaign: a reporter there to cover the story.”It’s disappointing,” Mr. Goyal says. “What good is literacy and education if people have no access to real news, investigation, skepticism or a questioning reporter.”


A free (in every sense) press is an integral part of a vibrant democracy. A corrupt press is both symptom and perpetrator of a rotten democracy.


So why are we surprised when the voter turnout is so low, despite the much-touted surge of political awareness among the young and post-Mumbai? It’s all part and parcel of the public disgust with the political system and the pillars of the Establishment that support that system as well. For every newly-minted reform-minded, politically aware voter, there are probably hundreds of jaded citizens who just decide the heck with it.


N. Gopalaswami, retired Chief Election Commissioner, says in an interview, “This is not something that can be ignored. It is not just a few apparent cases, it is much more than that.”

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15 minutes to defeat terrorism – by Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday had a surprise suggestion of empowering villagers to fight terrorism.

“I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes,” Gandhi told a press conference here.

Err…Umm.. Beware Taliban, here come our villagers!! Swoosh …15 minutes later the taliban were defeated and sent to hell and the Villagers went back to their daily chores. No need for the army or the police, no anti-terrorist squad, no nothing. Just our plain old villagers will do the trick. Where was Rahul when these terrorists were raising their ugly head? If he had suggested this earlier we would not have had to live our lives scared until now. Such maturity and wisdom at such a young age, it must have been there in his genes.

Or was he mentioning the Naxalites? I guess he was, and if he was , am not surprised that he equated terrorism with maoists and not the radical Islamists. Not bad dude , you seem to be learning the tricks of vote bank politics  very well.

I have asked before and still ask, do you “secularists” and the “intellectuals” STILL believe that this man is the one who will take India forward.? Is having the blood of the Nehru family the best and the only criteria to lead India? I do believe that priyanka is a natural politician and can give many an opponents a run for their money(but she needs the experience in public domain before she can become a politician) , but this guy ?? I mean, its ok to campaign for his mom, an may be its ok to be a politician in the congress party( they cant go any lower even with him included), but a PM.. Some one who will lead India forward??

Come on people, wake up.

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No peace but surely a Church in Afghanistan!

US soldiers have been encouraged to spread the message of their Christian faith among Afghanistan’s predominantly Muslim population, video footage obtained by Al Jazeera appears to show.


“The special forces guys – they hunt men basically. We do the same things as Christians, we hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down,” he says.

These guys stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, they can stoop down to any lengths to convert people. They are out to preach religion(christianity) to a country that has been ravaged because of the very same reason, Religion(radical Islam). Do these people feel that in a country where people have nothing to eat,  religion will fill peoples stomach? Am actually now wondering  whether the reason for the war itself had a hidden agenda.

Afghanistan was a peaceful budhist place until hordes of Islamic attackers captured it and converted or killed everyone there. Now we have almost the same scenes taking place , except that the attackers and their religion is different. Are we seeing a rerun of history here?

Do they even have a sense of shame doing so? Am not against preaching your faith, but the places that they “hunt” is what abhors me. Why dont they try convincing educated and thinking people to convert?  Why dont they convert people from well to do families and dont need their “help” (in terms of cash) to live. They would not, for they know that their propoganda will fall flat on its face.

If the poor soul of Jesus Christ were to see what the church does in his name, I am sure that he would himself not want to be a part of the church. He might even convert back to being a Jew, or something else.  Yes I do believe so, he will really not want to be a part of this, third rated propoganda machinery.

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From Bangalore to Buffalo – Obama Style.

My fellow countrymen who have fallen head over heels to Obama, all the global citizens of India, who spent the whole night watching the man take his oath and become the messiah of the world.  I think its high time you follow your man and realise that YOUR nation comes before anything else. First be a citizen of your country and then you can become a world citizen.

I for one was not in awe of this man, rather I was indifferent, I did not care… until now. Now I do have respect for him and his nationalist sentiments. I respect the fact that he thinks that companies, who outsource jobs to other countries, should not be given special tax cuts, for the fact that they are actually moving jobs out of his country. Well whats wrong with his way of thinking?Any person who thinks good for his country would think so too.

I hope that this change in the US will bring some good things to the fore in our country too.

  • Hope we come out of the service mentality and become more product oriented
  • Hope we stop thinking like useless fools in front of the americans and the west in general
  • Hope we put more efforts into R&D and into building things, than exporting raw materials outside and paying higher to import finished products made out from them
  • Hope we try to become a more self sufficient country with products made here in India
  • Hope we become a country which will start outsourcing jobs to the US because we have excess of job oppurtunities.
  • And finally I hope that they also stop outsourcing christian propoganda and stop converting our people.

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For long will we talk about caste? How much more longer?

I just read an interview of Lalu Prasad Yadav with Thehelka. Secular Daily interviewing a secular neta. Anyway this below statement is what blew my lid off.

Your alliance seems caste-based.
And doesn’t it work? Caste formulas work everywhere. Even in your state, Maharashtra, everybody is fighting in the name of Marathas and non-Marathas. So what if we do the same?

In hindsight he is right, it works and thats the bane of this nation. There is no point blaming politicians for it, they are like blood sucking parasites, when they find blood they suck. But its upto the people of this nation to come out of the mentality of caste and caste formula’s. Casteism hasnt done any good for this country in the last few thousands of years and i am sure it will not help the future as well. So isnt it time for use to come out of it? Because if we dont, we will keep fighting within ourselves until another muhammed of ghazni come in from afghnistan to plunder us. And yeah , stock up a lot of money because if that happens then we will have to pay the jizya in our own country.

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India among world’s most terror-afflicted countries: US

The Big brother has spoken about the anti-terrorism apparatus on our country. Not withstanding US’ own botched up plan in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan(that inlcudes pakistan) , the report makes some facts clear.

  • We have no courage to persecute the terrorists (sounds true).
  • The terrorists are funded by wealthy donors (they mean the D company as well?)
  • We have three threats from pakistan, bangladesh and the worst of all, home grown.
  • Atleast we dont have our scientists selling the nuclear assets to some one, that way we are safe custodians of nuclear tech.
  • We have a good anti-terrorism policy (ON PAPER?)
  • While tackling the Jihadis we still have the Maoists and the ethno-linguistic nationalists in northeastern states on our plate.

Whoa, I think we can kiss “peace” good bye for a long time Continue reading

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Media evades real issues – Balbir Punj on Daily Pioneer

Media evades real issues

As we complete the third phase of the Lok sabha election, it is turning out to be more about personalities than the people’s problems. That is, if we go by the media’s coverage of the election, especially that of the electronic media. It appears that certain stereotypes have taken over. If it is a BJP leader who is under the spotlight, then the entire coverage is about whether he or she has referred to the Ram Mandir issue or what is his or her opinion about Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. If it is the Left that is getting air time, then the coverage is mainly about whether the Leftists will support a Congress-led Government. In case of the Congress, it is all about who says what about whom, and not what is being said about the problems facing the country.

Take for example the BJP’s election manifesto. It makes several far-reaching promises like one-rank-one-pension for ex-servicemen, tax-free income for serving armed forces personnel, low interest loans for farmers, waiver of farm loans, low-cost rice and wheat for Below Poverty Line families, etc. There is also an IT Vision Document that the party has produced which lists several innovative ideas to harness information technology for mass welfare. But no one in the media has bothered to question the BJP leaders about the issues raised in the manifesto and the vision document.

This is equally true for other parties and candidates in the electoral fray. No one has asked them about their plan of action with respect to Pakistan, or what their opinion is about the new US Administration or China’s tantrums over Arunchal Pradesh. The Samajwadi Party, for instance, has escaped serious questioning on its backward looking, neo-Luddite manifesto as all attention is focussed on Sanjay Dutt who is campaigning for the party. The SP manifesto says that it will restrict the use of computers and discourage English. Is the SP proposing to take us back to the Stone Age? Nobody has asked this question.

It is because of the sensationalist approach of the media that an impression has been created that the leaders of different parties are all engaged in mutual mud-slinging. The parties themselves could have helped the media refocus on serious issues had they accepted the BJP’s proposal to Continue reading

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