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Is Dubai really to be blamed?

This is in response to many people who read Johann Hari’s article and have come out all guns blazing, to condemn Dubai. I have no love for dubai, but I do have a little respect for many things good in Dubai. Yes there are a lot of things that are worng there but is there any country which can claim to be the earths paradise?

I really dont think that Dubai is to take the complete blame.

“The thing you have to understand about Dubai is – nothing is what it seems,” Karen says at last. “Nothing. This isn’t a city, it’s a con-job. They lure you in telling you it’s one thing – a modern kind of place – but beneath the surface it’s a medieval dictatorship.”

The best joke in the article is about a canadian by name Karen who comes to Dubai along with her Husband for a “Better Life”
Karen and hubby come to Dubai for a better life, her husband screws up all the money and gets into debt an is jailed. Karen laments about the fact that her husband has been jailed for not following the country’s law!! Nice joke. what should the government do? pay off her bills and get her a room at the Burj Al Arab??

How may people who are up in arms against dubai have been there? I have been there a couple of times, and i was surprised, that people who were bedouins until a few decades ago are living, a lifestyle that we in india can think about only in terms of a distant future. (Like during the Star Wars?)
And dont talk about oil please, Dubai does not have oil exports.

Do you think that the Dubai government bribes workers to come to dubai and work, people go there of their own will. If we Indians were good enough why would our countrymen go to Dubai to find work? We are only famous for casteism, corruption, zero social security to women and for many other wrong reasons.
Dubai has made huge progress, very huge, we have to accept that. There is very little, if not nil, corruption. Legal cases are often given a fair trial even if it involves a Emrati, while the richand famous in India can bribe their way out of any case. Hell, we can be out and enjoying life even if we kill 3000 sikhs. all it takes is some moolah and some Nehru/Gandhi family blessings.

A women has roam around in Dubai in any decent clothing (Decent by western standards, not Islamic as you think) at any time of the day without fear, there is social security. In India a women cant move more than a couple of feet without being subjected to some kind of discrimination. Cat calls, teasing, snide remarks, a touch , a pat on the back. Looks like the Inidna male psyche gets a kick out of such things

Yes they prefer Emratis more than the others and the Emratis are given better and preferrential treatment.Well did you expect them to get second rate treatment?? its their country for Gods sake and they are in minority. We all agree that minorities have to be given “special treatment” like we have been doing the last 60  years, dont we?  So if people dont like it why dont they get out of there? No they wont do it, they get paid well.

If you take the Big Bus Tour of Dubai … you are fed the propaganda-vision of how this happened. “Dubai’s motto is ‘Open doors, open minds’,” the tour guide tells you in … “Here you are free. To purchase fabrics,” he adds. As you pass each new monumental building, he tells you: “The World Trade Centre was built by His Highness…” But this is a lie. The sheikh did not build this city. It was built by slaves. They are building it now.

Huh!!! When you build your house, do you go about saying you built it, or the workers built it?? Next time instead of saying ” I am gonna build a house” Try saying ” The workers are gonna build a house and I am just gonna stay there, thats all”.
The funny thing in India is that the politicos brag about the same thing, but the only thing they have built is a large number of castles in Air. When a politician can take credit for something they havent done, when he/she takes credit for the completion of a project whose file is still languishing in some government office gathering dust, why cant the king there say that he built Dubai, atleast he really has built it, not like our politicos.

And yes during Ramadan people are not allowed to eat in public, they are very strict about it. But nothing stops non muslims from eating inside their hoome or behind drapes in a hotel. They wont do it, but have to crib about not being able to eat outside in full public glory. Well its a islamic emirate for gods sake, not a democracy, So try being a little careful about Islamic culture, and what the hell is so compelling about eating in full public view?

All countries have their problems so does theirs, let them handle it while you please try to set right the wrongs in your country, not theirs. And If you are a resident of Dubai and dont like the way of life there, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE and dont just crib about it.

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Advani hints at local link to 26/11

I guess we will have to agree to that.  It is really not possible to do such an elaborate exercise without local support.  I don’t understand why the government should be hiding facts (or maybe I do understand????). We need to understand that all Indians are not patriotic and there are scrupulous elements in all walks  of life and communities who will be willing to help these terrorists to carry on the carnage. There have been such support in the past and there will be in the future, closing a blind eye towards it is not going to solve the problem.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on local support in the Mumbai terror attacks on Tuesday found support in senior BJP leader L K Advani.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, the Leader of the Opposition and the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate questioned the Mumbai police chief ruling out ‘local links’ in Mumbai terror attacks.

“It is clear that the planning happened for a year and they visited the places they attacked on November 26. It is not possible that there are no local links in 26/11,” said said L K Advani, Leader of Opposition.

“It is a well-planned conspiracy. I was also surprised to hear the Mumbai police chief’s comment that all 26/11 terrorists are accounted for, that they are either dead or in custody. And there is no local link. How can they give that certificate?’ added Advani.

The Congress had condemned the remarks as anti-national and one that toed Pakistan’s line.

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`All means will be used to end terror coming from Pakistan,’ says Pranab

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said that India would use all means at its disposal to end terror coming from Pakistan. But coming from a party that is steeped in favoritism, I am assuming that these were the ideas going on in his mind (and the minds of the congress think tank) when the minister made his statement.

  1. Since the terrorists are creating the problem because of Kashmir and Gujarat, we are planning to part with these two states and give them to Pakistan as a mark of friendship.
  2. Also since Himachal is bordering with J&K, we might as well give HP to them, that way they will be very sure that we mean peace.
  3. We will change our constitution to incorporate taliban style laws in India. This way the terrorists will not be offended and there will not be any more blood shed.
  4. All the terrorist (actually we dont call them terrorists, its the right wing) who are languishing in the jails will be released and compensated with land, job and money by the Indian Government.
  5. We are planning to remove the CBSE certification to all CBSE schools and give them only to the madrasas in what will be left out of India.
  6. Also the bangladeshi (illegal) immigrants feel very tired after a walk from their country into West Bengal, so we plan to fly Air India flight’s (for free) to and from various points in Bangladesh to bring the immigrants into India fully rejuvenated.
  7. We do have a plan to give West Bengal to Bangladesh but then the “left wing” is opposing the move as they want to “gift” West Bengal to China. We are in talks with the “left wing” and will decide on it ASAP.
  8. We are also willing to give them land and military training for jihadi operations if they promise not to use the training on Indians (but they will be allowed to use the “right wing” as target practice)

Long Live Italy…Errr Sorry …India

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Pub Bharo or Glass Bharo??

Now that the “chaddi andolan” and the “pub bharo andolan” has gained momentum, I was wondering if the same enthusiasm will be there for all the other crimes against women.

My dislike though is for the “pub bharo andolan” by Ms. Renuka Choudary (Union Minister of Women and Child Development) who has urged everyone to fill into the pub on Valentine’s Day.  I have not seen her on TV asking kids to “school bharo”  or any other andolans remotely helping the poor and needy women of India. Then why this overwhelming support for a “pub bharo”?

Let’s get our facts clear, Everyone(save for a few hooligans), in this country condemn the incident that happened in the pub and they condemn it “Left , Right and Center” and will support a protest against such acts. But what most of them can’t relate to is the pub bharo andolan, because they don’t frequent the pubs and don’t associate a pub with their life style. Most of India is poor and have got families to run and money to save for their kids and future needs, than get sloshed in a pub with that money. And that is the real India, a place where pubs doesn’t even come into the radar of the majority of the population.

The only outcome from this seems to be that a few elitists will get their regular quota of booze and some publicity.

I dont see any other reason as to why we have not seen any kind of such andolans by these people when women of the lower strata of the society are targeted by such hooligans every day?  Is it because these hooligans have not interrupted their booze party?  Looks like as long as anyone does not mess with their glass they are blissfully unaware of the plight of women in India, but when some  antisocial group says that they won’t allow women to drink at pubs, the feminists in them stands up (a bit shaky though, because of the booze).

A few questions that remain to be answered are:

  1. Where are they, when women in villages have to walk miles for a pitcher of drinking water?
  2. Where are they, when women in villages have to get up long before sunrise or stay  late after sunset to attend natures calls, because they don’t have a basic toilet?
  3. Where are they when men come home drunk and beat up their wives?
  4. Where are they when there are dowry deaths and dowry related atrocities?
  5. Where are they when the women who actually and truly needs to be liberated is dying under the burden of atrocities?

Ah, I guess I know, they were having their drink.

A protest is required to condemn attacks on women, but “pub bharo” doesn’t hit the target, it will give you a high though. A relay protest in front of the police commissioner’s office until justice prevails would have bought in more support.

Cheers Anyway

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‘Ajmal in good health’

Saw the reports in the media about Ajmal Kasab being alive and in good health.

“Mohammed Ajmal Amir, the lone terrorist to be captured alive during the 26/11 strikes, has completely recovered from his wounds and “is in good health”, a senior crime branch officer told DNA on Wednesday.”

Thank goodness he is alive and in good health. Are you guys giving him his favourite biryani and chicken? And also please provide him with some good designer clothes to wear. He must also be very bored sitting alone in the prison, please take him out on a tour of mumbai.  Also please give him a notepad and a pen so that he can make a note of the important places in mumbai. And after he is finished please post his findings to his Aaka’s in pakistan so that they can plan another attack on mumbai.

And yeah also let him meet the pseudo intellectuals  of india so that they can formulate a plan  and submit a memorandum to the government stating that Ajmal is being tortured because he is from the minority community. And yes may be Arundhati Roy can take him along with her to Kashmir and show him the place that he was fighting for(well thats what she thinks).

You can also increase the taxes in India and use that tax money to build him a good home and buy him some fertile land somewhere in india. He can stay there and start a family. He can also probably given some piece of land to start a terrorist training camp.

This post is not directed to someone , rather anyone. Its just a rant to vent.

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Of cultures and their custodians


Read that and move along, its become a common occurrence these days anyway. But what makes me wonder is how this news never got featured in the media(Mainstream). Why wasn’t there as much outrage as we saw on the Mangalore episode? What differentiates this brutality from the one that was perpetrated by the goons in Mangalore?

I think this should have got the same attention and abhorrence as the other episode and so should all other violent acts against women.

But why the discrimination? Because Maharashtra is not ruled by BJP? Because “Women and child welfare ministry” ceases to exist in Mumbai? Because the media cannot make its money selling this story to the drama loving public? Because it was not captured “live” to create a sensation???Why?

Infact there are some very curious things to note in this episode.

1. The lady was a student from Pakistan. So much so for the guest being considered next to god. And yeah she is from Pakistan, so we don’t care.

2. The guy who started all this was a member of a local NGO. NGO for violence ON women?

3. The “slapping” was done by women.

I don’t know if those words tattooed on the back is wrong or right (It must be I guess, if it hurts sentiments of many people). What I know for sure is that violence of any form against a woman is wrong.

People who talk about men always harassing women, for “preserving” culture, hows that for a cultural shock to you. Hope there will be a protest meet somewhere, if not at MG Road, atleast in their thoughts.

‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta’ – – where woman are worshiped, God resides

Am pretty certain that’s the gods are leaving India slowly but steadily.

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Cast’e’ Away.

The caste divide has become bane of Hinduism and India. the only gainers from this whole perverted scheme of things seem to be either the  Upper Caste land lords  and the politicians of the lower caste.  Akin to cancer the only cure for it is to kill it in its roots and not leave even a trace of it.

What probably started as a noble cause to delegate work among themselves, our ancestors turned it into a 4 headed monster. A monster that has 4 heads, but for sure no brain. Just like the ones who propogate it!! Yes I did say that.
How else will you describe a social set up that makes a life pure/impure from birth!! A baby born in this world is probably the most purest thing, be it a brahmana or a shudra. How will you explain the fact that a precious life form becomes untouchable as soon as it makes its way into the world.

By definition, a brahmana is one who understands the Brahman(God) ,understands the Vedas and preserves the spiritual aspects of peoples lives, A Kshatriya is one who protects people, a vaishya is the Trader/peasant class and the shudra is the labour classes. Probably this was not decided at birth but by the duty one undertook, and i dont see a reason why a shudra should become an untouchable , or why a brahmin should preside over the other 3 classes. They just are doing their jobs.  But then almost every human institution degenerates and this is what probably has happened .

I am questioning the Caste system prevelant today.

Why should a baby born to a brahmin be a brahmin when the baby does not even know what the hell the Vedas are or for that matter who the hell(heaven) God is?? Why should a shudras baby be a shudra when it probably is not even a fraction dirty as a grown up brahmins mind is??
What would you call a brahmin kid who tends to like trading than reading the vedas? What would you call a kshatriya boy who is too afraid to fight and falls down unconscious when he sees blood. Who the hell are the brave soldiers who fight on the borders of our country so that we don’t get to see another Mohamed of Ghazni? Do they all belong to the kshatriya class. If so would a brahmin send his son to join the armed forces? Is a shudra allowed to send his son?? and is a shudra joins the army is he given a separate quarters because he is an untouchable?
In the present world can a CEO say that he is the topmost class and a mechanic is an untouchable?? How much more nonsensical can it get?

Why is it that the caste system is so prevalent that it has become a synonym to Hinduism all across the globe? Why is it that we are the way we are….Once the richest Nation and now among the poorest.
Why is it that we dont seem to learn!

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Hail CeaseFire

white_flagThank god that there is a ceasefire in the middle east between the Hamas and the Israeli’s.
Why am I thanking god, does the conflict affect me? Oh yeah it does. NO i dont stay in that part of the world , but it does.

Atleast now we wont have a group of “intellectuals” crying hoarse on the inhuman attrocities of the israelis on gaza. Am  happy i will not hear the cacophony of their voices on the media. Now they might get time out of their busy schedule to look at the million homeless and hungry indians living below the poverty line. (now thats a question that needs to be asked, are they really interested in improving india or are they gearing up to become a “world citizen”)

Maybe now a few religious leaders can stop issuing fatwas against the jews and start concentrating on improving the life of the downtrodden in their community. A fatwa against poverty perhaps??

Our brave PM can stop declaring his ““unstinted and unwavering support to the just cause of Palestinians” and declare his unstinted and unwavering support to the cause of the indians for a change.

I do condemn the dance of the death that is happening in the middle east. But what about the thousands of Indians who die every year due to the brain dead terrorists schemes? What about the thousands of people who die for lack of proper nutrition in india. What about the thousands who are home less, who dont know if they will eat their food tomorrow, the thousands who are still oppressed by the so called higher class?
What about India? When will we learn to be an indian citizen before trying to be a world citizen? Or does the concept of a world citizen say “I will help my neighbour clean his pile of dirt and he will clean mine?? If thats the concept of a world citizen then, you can take the concept and shove it up, u know where.

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Minority Report

For the last 60 years appeasement policies of different political parties of all hues has had the country divided along the lines of religion and caste. Minority policies and the reservation system has combined to form a potent brew of hatred in a country of largely peace loving people.
Shouldnt a country’s minority policy be applied to people who are aliens to the indian subcontinent and not forming a part of the indian culture? How many Muslims/Christians etc form this chunk? Why have a minority policy for people of different religions with a Indian background. Almost all the religious minorities have their roots in India, not any other country!
Their ancestors converted mostly by force , few by greed of wealth, some due to ignorance and a lot( some are still getting converted) because they were offered food/shelter in lieu for their religion, when they were hungry. But they surely did not come from elsewhere. They were and still form a part of the majority called Indians.
And why have a minority policy at all in a democratic setup?? Why is it that we do not have a uniform civil code across the country? A civil code that completely seperates religion from the running of the state? A religion is a personal choice and thats what it should be – A personal choice.
The only result that minority appeasement has given us is hatred. The majority crying foul about appeasement and the minority saying they are not allowed to join the mainstream.
For the sake of an argument we can consider that it helps improve the lives of minorities (e.g. Muslims) ? But the question is how and by when? Isnt 60 years enough for the minority to reach the levels of the majority community and join the mainstream? If 60 years isnt enough then we will have to agree that “forever” is also not enough.
I think that the problem with the muslim community largely lies with themselves and cannot be helped by the minoritism of the Indian Government. Isnt it clear that the muslims who wanted to come into the mainstream and become successful have become so( without the help of the minority policies). I dont think that I need to give examples because they are all around us, living a normal life just like the others.
Now that we can eliminate the minority among the minorities who go to school/coolege get an education and land up in jobs like the majority lets focus on the remiander.
Nothing is actually stopping them but them selves.
What stops a Muslim from sending his son/daughter to school? Why does a muslim have to send his kids to a madrasa and not a school that arms kids for the future in this corporate world. There is nothing wrong in a madrasa education, but then does ONLY a madrasa education suffice? In an Islamic nation it might, but not in a democratic setup.
And when a company is hiring people to a job i think Religion is one of their last priorities. No one looks at what religion a candidate is from to take a call of hiring them. The only criteria would be how well he meets the requirement for the job.
But the problem arises for the kids who are sent to madarasas which teaches the holy Quran. However good the intention of the parent is to send his ward to a madrasa, I really dont think they are taught anything apart from the Quran or the hadith. Now tell me one company which would be willing to hire a person just because he is well versed with reciting the Quran or for that matter The Gita, and knows not of anything else. I for sure will not, If I ever own a company.
By agreeing to be “appeased” by the political parties , the muslim community has only done more harm to itself than anything good. They should realise that this kind of policies were started off by the british to divide the country on religious lines. they have done a very good job out of it, but do we still have to follow it and yearn for it??
Its time that we call the economically poor as Majority and the rich as minority and put in some policies for this majority.

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