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From Bangalore to Buffalo – Obama Style.

My fellow countrymen who have fallen head over heels to Obama, all the global citizens of India, who spent the whole night watching the man take his oath and become the messiah of the world.  I think its high time you follow your man and realise that YOUR nation comes before anything else. First be a citizen of your country and then you can become a world citizen.

I for one was not in awe of this man, rather I was indifferent, I did not care… until now. Now I do have respect for him and his nationalist sentiments. I respect the fact that he thinks that companies, who outsource jobs to other countries, should not be given special tax cuts, for the fact that they are actually moving jobs out of his country. Well whats wrong with his way of thinking?Any person who thinks good for his country would think so too.

I hope that this change in the US will bring some good things to the fore in our country too.

  • Hope we come out of the service mentality and become more product oriented
  • Hope we stop thinking like useless fools in front of the americans and the west in general
  • Hope we put more efforts into R&D and into building things, than exporting raw materials outside and paying higher to import finished products made out from them
  • Hope we try to become a more self sufficient country with products made here in India
  • Hope we become a country which will start outsourcing jobs to the US because we have excess of job oppurtunities.
  • And finally I hope that they also stop outsourcing christian propoganda and stop converting our people.

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Brahma Chellaney on Obama’s AfPak policy.

Brahma Chellaney writes about the strategy of the American president to counter the AfPak problem. I agree to his views and is a good read. Below are a few excerpts. The article can be found here.

Brahma Chellaney says that India is indeed ‘the sponge that protects us all’ from terrorism emanating from Pakistan. The new President’s strategy is compounding the Af-Pak problem

After all, the brunt of escalating terrorism from Pakistan will be borne by India, which already has become, in the words of ex-US official Ashley Tellis, ‘the sponge that protects us all’.


The Af-Pak problem won’t go away without a fundamental break from the American policies that helped create this terrifying muddle. The US military can never win in Afghanistan, or even secure a ticket out of that country as Obama wants, without first dismantling the Pakistani military’s sanctuaries and sustenance infrastructure for the Taleban and other state-reared terror groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba (the group who carried out the Mumbai atrocities) and Jaish-e-Muhammad. As Bush’s national security adviser Stephen Hadley pointed out just before leaving office in January, ‘You can’t really solve Afghanistan without solving Pakistan.’

Yet to mend a broken policy on Pakistan, Obama is doing more of what helped to create the failure — dispensing rewards upfront. He has set out to make Islamabad the biggest recipient of US aid in the world without having first defined benchmarks for judging progress. It was under his predecessor, however, that Pakistan began raking in a terrorist windfall.


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