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Minority Report

For the last 60 years appeasement policies of different political parties of all hues has had the country divided along the lines of religion and caste. Minority policies and the reservation system has combined to form a potent brew of hatred in a country of largely peace loving people.
Shouldnt a country’s minority policy be applied to people who are aliens to the indian subcontinent and not forming a part of the indian culture? How many Muslims/Christians etc form this chunk? Why have a minority policy for people of different religions with a Indian background. Almost all the religious minorities have their roots in India, not any other country!
Their ancestors converted mostly by force , few by greed of wealth, some due to ignorance and a lot( some are still getting converted) because they were offered food/shelter in lieu for their religion, when they were hungry. But they surely did not come from elsewhere. They were and still form a part of the majority called Indians.
And why have a minority policy at all in a democratic setup?? Why is it that we do not have a uniform civil code across the country? A civil code that completely seperates religion from the running of the state? A religion is a personal choice and thats what it should be – A personal choice.
The only result that minority appeasement has given us is hatred. The majority crying foul about appeasement and the minority saying they are not allowed to join the mainstream.
For the sake of an argument we can consider that it helps improve the lives of minorities (e.g. Muslims) ? But the question is how and by when? Isnt 60 years enough for the minority to reach the levels of the majority community and join the mainstream? If 60 years isnt enough then we will have to agree that “forever” is also not enough.
I think that the problem with the muslim community largely lies with themselves and cannot be helped by the minoritism of the Indian Government. Isnt it clear that the muslims who wanted to come into the mainstream and become successful have become so( without the help of the minority policies). I dont think that I need to give examples because they are all around us, living a normal life just like the others.
Now that we can eliminate the minority among the minorities who go to school/coolege get an education and land up in jobs like the majority lets focus on the remiander.
Nothing is actually stopping them but them selves.
What stops a Muslim from sending his son/daughter to school? Why does a muslim have to send his kids to a madrasa and not a school that arms kids for the future in this corporate world. There is nothing wrong in a madrasa education, but then does ONLY a madrasa education suffice? In an Islamic nation it might, but not in a democratic setup.
And when a company is hiring people to a job i think Religion is one of their last priorities. No one looks at what religion a candidate is from to take a call of hiring them. The only criteria would be how well he meets the requirement for the job.
But the problem arises for the kids who are sent to madarasas which teaches the holy Quran. However good the intention of the parent is to send his ward to a madrasa, I really dont think they are taught anything apart from the Quran or the hadith. Now tell me one company which would be willing to hire a person just because he is well versed with reciting the Quran or for that matter The Gita, and knows not of anything else. I for sure will not, If I ever own a company.
By agreeing to be “appeased” by the political parties , the muslim community has only done more harm to itself than anything good. They should realise that this kind of policies were started off by the british to divide the country on religious lines. they have done a very good job out of it, but do we still have to follow it and yearn for it??
Its time that we call the economically poor as Majority and the rich as minority and put in some policies for this majority.

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