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Church claims credit for Congress crown

For anyone who feels that the church in India does not have any poilitcal ambitions, here is a shocker. But for many of us, its not a surprise at all, just that they have admitted  to it in public. The church is claiming credit for the UDF win in Kerala. With this I think their next target would be India as a whole. The Hindu temples are being taken over by the government and the government inturn is taken over by the Church. Wow thats a nice way to take control of a country.

What i dont understand is that when Hindu religious sadhus/priests ask for people to support a party that party is termed as “communal”, whille the church and the mullahs  asks for people to support  someone the party automatically becomes “secular”.

But we got to hand it to them, when the church or the mullahs urge their community to vote for a party, the whole community votes enmass for that party. When a hindu religious head asks for the same he is branded communal by his own people and they vote for a “secular” party which anyway is getting “minority” votes courtesy the church and the mullah’s

All you “secular” people, this post is dedicated to you. And also to those people who think that religion is a personal choice and it has got nothing to do with the government in a democracy. So much for democracy and secularism.

Thiruvananthapuram: The Left is yet to come to terms with its humiliating defeat in Kerala. If the CPI(M) politburo wants any answers, the Catholic Church has it. Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which openly campaigned for the Congress in the run-up to the elections, claims it is their victory.

“This is an answer to those who said the faithful would not follow the advice of priests and bishops in political affairs. The Church has worked that hard against the LDF government,” said Dr Stephen Alathara, spokesmen of KCBC, the apex body of Catholic bishops in Kerala.

A pastoral letter by the KCBC, read out amid Sunday Mass in Kerala’s churches a fortnight ahead of the polls, exhorted the flock to steer clear of the CPI(M) and the BJP, a negligible presence in the bipolar state. “Constitutional crises are frequent nowadays. The violations of minority rights in education sector should be assessed in this context.”


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