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Is Dubai really to be blamed?

This is in response to many people who read Johann Hari’s article and have come out all guns blazing, to condemn Dubai. I have no love for dubai, but I do have a little respect for many things good in Dubai. Yes there are a lot of things that are worng there but is there any country which can claim to be the earths paradise?

I really dont think that Dubai is to take the complete blame.

“The thing you have to understand about Dubai is – nothing is what it seems,” Karen says at last. “Nothing. This isn’t a city, it’s a con-job. They lure you in telling you it’s one thing – a modern kind of place – but beneath the surface it’s a medieval dictatorship.”

The best joke in the article is about a canadian by name Karen who comes to Dubai along with her Husband for a “Better Life”
Karen and hubby come to Dubai for a better life, her husband screws up all the money and gets into debt an is jailed. Karen laments about the fact that her husband has been jailed for not following the country’s law!! Nice joke. what should the government do? pay off her bills and get her a room at the Burj Al Arab??

How may people who are up in arms against dubai have been there? I have been there a couple of times, and i was surprised, that people who were bedouins until a few decades ago are living, a lifestyle that we in india can think about only in terms of a distant future. (Like during the Star Wars?)
And dont talk about oil please, Dubai does not have oil exports.

Do you think that the Dubai government bribes workers to come to dubai and work, people go there of their own will. If we Indians were good enough why would our countrymen go to Dubai to find work? We are only famous for casteism, corruption, zero social security to women and for many other wrong reasons.
Dubai has made huge progress, very huge, we have to accept that. There is very little, if not nil, corruption. Legal cases are often given a fair trial even if it involves a Emrati, while the richand famous in India can bribe their way out of any case. Hell, we can be out and enjoying life even if we kill 3000 sikhs. all it takes is some moolah and some Nehru/Gandhi family blessings.

A women has roam around in Dubai in any decent clothing (Decent by western standards, not Islamic as you think) at any time of the day without fear, there is social security. In India a women cant move more than a couple of feet without being subjected to some kind of discrimination. Cat calls, teasing, snide remarks, a touch , a pat on the back. Looks like the Inidna male psyche gets a kick out of such things

Yes they prefer Emratis more than the others and the Emratis are given better and preferrential treatment.Well did you expect them to get second rate treatment?? its their country for Gods sake and they are in minority. We all agree that minorities have to be given “special treatment” like we have been doing the last 60  years, dont we?  So if people dont like it why dont they get out of there? No they wont do it, they get paid well.

If you take the Big Bus Tour of Dubai … you are fed the propaganda-vision of how this happened. “Dubai’s motto is ‘Open doors, open minds’,” the tour guide tells you in … “Here you are free. To purchase fabrics,” he adds. As you pass each new monumental building, he tells you: “The World Trade Centre was built by His Highness…” But this is a lie. The sheikh did not build this city. It was built by slaves. They are building it now.

Huh!!! When you build your house, do you go about saying you built it, or the workers built it?? Next time instead of saying ” I am gonna build a house” Try saying ” The workers are gonna build a house and I am just gonna stay there, thats all”.
The funny thing in India is that the politicos brag about the same thing, but the only thing they have built is a large number of castles in Air. When a politician can take credit for something they havent done, when he/she takes credit for the completion of a project whose file is still languishing in some government office gathering dust, why cant the king there say that he built Dubai, atleast he really has built it, not like our politicos.

And yes during Ramadan people are not allowed to eat in public, they are very strict about it. But nothing stops non muslims from eating inside their hoome or behind drapes in a hotel. They wont do it, but have to crib about not being able to eat outside in full public glory. Well its a islamic emirate for gods sake, not a democracy, So try being a little careful about Islamic culture, and what the hell is so compelling about eating in full public view?

All countries have their problems so does theirs, let them handle it while you please try to set right the wrongs in your country, not theirs. And If you are a resident of Dubai and dont like the way of life there, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE and dont just crib about it.

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