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Hail CeaseFire

white_flagThank god that there is a ceasefire in the middle east between the Hamas and the Israeli’s.
Why am I thanking god, does the conflict affect me? Oh yeah it does. NO i dont stay in that part of the world , but it does.

Atleast now we wont have a group of “intellectuals” crying hoarse on the inhuman attrocities of the israelis on gaza. Am  happy i will not hear the cacophony of their voices on the media. Now they might get time out of their busy schedule to look at the million homeless and hungry indians living below the poverty line. (now thats a question that needs to be asked, are they really interested in improving india or are they gearing up to become a “world citizen”)

Maybe now a few religious leaders can stop issuing fatwas against the jews and start concentrating on improving the life of the downtrodden in their community. A fatwa against poverty perhaps??

Our brave PM can stop declaring his ““unstinted and unwavering support to the just cause of Palestinians” and declare his unstinted and unwavering support to the cause of the indians for a change.

I do condemn the dance of the death that is happening in the middle east. But what about the thousands of Indians who die every year due to the brain dead terrorists schemes? What about the thousands of people who die for lack of proper nutrition in india. What about the thousands who are home less, who dont know if they will eat their food tomorrow, the thousands who are still oppressed by the so called higher class?
What about India? When will we learn to be an indian citizen before trying to be a world citizen? Or does the concept of a world citizen say “I will help my neighbour clean his pile of dirt and he will clean mine?? If thats the concept of a world citizen then, you can take the concept and shove it up, u know where.

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