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‘Unconditional” Support’s doing rounds.

Ok here they come with their ‘unconditional’ supports. Dont they realise that the people have asked them to sit in the opposition and to not look around for alternative ways of making money.  Anyway am atleast happy to see that they will not have the government on hot coals.

The funnest part is the turn around time from being anti-something to pro-something. During the elections they snub congress thinking that they will win on their own and when they dont, they just go back to that party wagging their tails as tough nothing ever happened, hoping to get a cabinet berth.

Nice to see them and many other opportunists loose heavily.

SP and the RJD
With their vote tally having plummeted, former UPA allies Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Samajwadi Party (SP) on Monday sounded chastened as they offered the new United Progressive Alliance government their unconditional support and said they were not interested in being part of the new ministry.

UP Chief Minister Mayawati’s BSP, which was part of the Third Front in the Lok Sabha elections, on Tuesday announced unconditional outside support of its 21 MPs to the Congress-led UPA government.

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