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Sanjay Dutt – Another exploited Muslim???

How does the Media define a communal speech?? I am guessing that the rules would be something similar to below.

  • When a Hindu says something against the minorities it is communal speech(anything that does not closely match to “Minority Zindabad” has to be termed communal).
  • Some one else says something wrong about the whole system of the country, which in turn will squarely lay the blame on a hindu majority India, citing his minority tag has to be labled as secular.

Varun Gandhi gets targeted for his speech , sent to jail and is ridiculed by the whole media and the so called secularists. He is asked by his christian cousin to read the Gita. He is considered to be a grave threat to India’s secularism and the Politicos fall head over heels to spew venom on him.

Ok the speech was probably uncalled for , he should have stopped at cutting the hands of the anti nationals and not get into the minority religion  in general. All said and done, he is doing the same thing that the other ‘secular’ parties doing, just that he is supporting the Hindus.

We are a country where the sikhs are butchered and not a single person who is the main culprit gets arrested, while we crush a 29 year old for hate speech. Does he have a previous history of violence or aggresion against minorities? NO? Yet he is almost taken to the gallows for hate speech against minorities.

Now lets look at a very “Secular Leader” Sanjay Dutt.

‘Meri maa Musalman thi isiliye mera utpeedan kiya gaya…isiliye mujh par TADA lagaya gaya tha (since my mother was a Muslim, I was exploited. That was the reason why TADA was slapped on me),’

An “Actor” who lived under the warmth of the love of millions of his fans most of whom were hindus. He screwed up his life and career many times and still the people welcomed him back , again most of them hindus. After all the love he has got from this land, he says he is exploited because he was a muslim. If there was such an exploitation why in the world he would have been such a famous actor, in hindu majority India? His mother was exploited because she was a muslim? Oh come on, she was probably a more loved actor than himself,  again in Hindu majority India.

If he really was exploited why did he not come out in the open when he was enjoying the lavish life that was accorded to him because of the people of India? How is it that he remembers these exploitation when he comes on a dias of a “secular party” like SP and that too during the elections? Well its anybody’s guess.

And talking about being exploited because of his religion, does he remember TADA was slapped in him for the posession of AK47? Not a licensed pistol or a rifle, but AK47, when at that time it was available only with the Army or with Terrorists. He was not in the army for sure.

Who gave it to him  and what was he doing with it? Scratching his back??

Doing gandhigiri in movies does not qualify you as a respected man Mr. Dutt, really not.

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“Indian Taliban” – To be released soon in cities near you.

‘There could soon be an Indian Taliban’

Ahmed Rashid, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Taliban , has predicted that with the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, there could very well be an Indian Taliban in the near future.
“Today, we have the Taliban as a role model for an entire region. We have not only the Afghan Taliban, today, we have the Pakistani Taliban, Central Asian, and very soon you may have the Indian Taliban. You may have the Taliban stretching into the Caucasus and even into the Middle East,” he told the gathering.
India would be faced with two threats in the near future. India would be “faced with an Indian Taliban. We already have Indian Islamic extremist groups working in India, and secondly, if Pakistan slides even further, India will be sharing a border with the Taliban

Coming from a well known expert on the Taliban it surely sends a shiver down the spine.  Not because Taliban will do something out of the blue, we all know that the only thing taliban knows is to kill and oppress people in the name of Islam, but that it would be home grown in India. The taliban entering from the outside can adn will be handled by our defence forces but how will we handle the home grown version.  More importantly how will you do it if we have a “minority appeasing” government in the center? what if we have a government that is ok with issuing ticket to madani and not willing to hang afzal guru.

Indian Taliban will obviously have indians in it, which means that there are people out there right now in our back yard who want to convert india into Afghanistan? Want to have a shariah based goverment? Kill all the kafirs? And India is feeeding them to grow strong and fit to fight herself? Arent there any freinds and family of these people with such kind of thinking ? If there are why dont they provide information to the police about such activities? Do they want to become another afghanistan too?

If this is the case what is wrong if some people are asking for india to be converted to a hindu country? We would rather live in a hindu india than a regressive talibanised India.

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Cast’e’ Away.

The caste divide has become bane of Hinduism and India. the only gainers from this whole perverted scheme of things seem to be either the  Upper Caste land lords  and the politicians of the lower caste.  Akin to cancer the only cure for it is to kill it in its roots and not leave even a trace of it.

What probably started as a noble cause to delegate work among themselves, our ancestors turned it into a 4 headed monster. A monster that has 4 heads, but for sure no brain. Just like the ones who propogate it!! Yes I did say that.
How else will you describe a social set up that makes a life pure/impure from birth!! A baby born in this world is probably the most purest thing, be it a brahmana or a shudra. How will you explain the fact that a precious life form becomes untouchable as soon as it makes its way into the world.

By definition, a brahmana is one who understands the Brahman(God) ,understands the Vedas and preserves the spiritual aspects of peoples lives, A Kshatriya is one who protects people, a vaishya is the Trader/peasant class and the shudra is the labour classes. Probably this was not decided at birth but by the duty one undertook, and i dont see a reason why a shudra should become an untouchable , or why a brahmin should preside over the other 3 classes. They just are doing their jobs.  But then almost every human institution degenerates and this is what probably has happened .

I am questioning the Caste system prevelant today.

Why should a baby born to a brahmin be a brahmin when the baby does not even know what the hell the Vedas are or for that matter who the hell(heaven) God is?? Why should a shudras baby be a shudra when it probably is not even a fraction dirty as a grown up brahmins mind is??
What would you call a brahmin kid who tends to like trading than reading the vedas? What would you call a kshatriya boy who is too afraid to fight and falls down unconscious when he sees blood. Who the hell are the brave soldiers who fight on the borders of our country so that we don’t get to see another Mohamed of Ghazni? Do they all belong to the kshatriya class. If so would a brahmin send his son to join the armed forces? Is a shudra allowed to send his son?? and is a shudra joins the army is he given a separate quarters because he is an untouchable?
In the present world can a CEO say that he is the topmost class and a mechanic is an untouchable?? How much more nonsensical can it get?

Why is it that the caste system is so prevalent that it has become a synonym to Hinduism all across the globe? Why is it that we are the way we are….Once the richest Nation and now among the poorest.
Why is it that we dont seem to learn!

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