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All hope is not lost yet.

With people like Janardana Swamy, i guess we need not loose hope about the country going to dogs.  An IIT-B alumini and an ex-employee of Sun microsystems did what most of us would shudder to think of. He wuit his high paying job in the Us and returned to India to set things right. He contested the elections on the BJP ticket and won. No, he is not the son of a politician. All the best Mr. Swamy, hope you will be a role model to all youngsters in India.

Original Article : Karnataka’s swades man.

Chitradurga MP Janardana Swamy, who gave up a top Sun Microsystems job in the US to come back to India, wants the country to become so self-reliant that Americans will soon be coming here for a living

Walking to school from Kallihatti, a remote village in the sun-scorched district of Chitradurga, Janardana Swamy dreamed of impossible things.

His father, a school teacher, walked by his side, telling him inspiring stories. Neither had imagined the dimunitive boy would head a two-billion-dollar business one da

Janardana Swamy grew up as a bright student, and went on to study engineering. He did his master’s at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

He was recognised as a brilliant worker, and soon after he started working, rose to the position of chief engineer at Sun Micro Systems in the US. But the fairytale didn’t end there.

Earlier this year, he put in his papers and returned to India. He contested elections from Chitradurga and won, much to the surprise of politicians who had written off his chances.

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