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A gift to the new ‘secular’ government of India.

Looks like the new ‘secular’ government has received a gift from the US of A. They have issued a travel warning to our country because of terrorist threat’s. Looks like we are becoming like Israel where bombs and rockets are fired upon very often. The differencce between them and us being that we are poorer, our bureaucracy stinks , and we are inept of handling terrorism.

Original Article : Panicky US issues advisory against travelling to India


“The United States Mission in India wishes to urgently remind all U.S. citizens resident in or traveling to India that there is a high threat from terrorism throughout India. As terror attacks are a serious and growing threat, U.S. citizens are urged to always practice good security, including maintaining a heightened situational awareness and a low profile. Americans in India should be vigilant at all times and monitor local news reports and vary their routes and times in carrying out daily activities. Americans should consider the level of security present when visiting public places, including religious sites, or choosing hotels, restaurants, entertainment and recreation venues. ,” says the US state department website.”


Also India “fear’s” more attacks from the LeT, so lets stay home like cowards, while they come and kill the citizens of our country. Or infact we can actually pay jizya to pakistan so that we are under the security of the LeT and other terrorist organisations.

Original Article : LeT terror head roams free, India fears more hits


Seven months since the November 26 Mumbai terror attacks and barely two days after Pakistan freed its mastermind and Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed, there are intelligence reports of another possible attack on India.

Reports suggest that unlike the inputs ahead of the November 26 attack, the intelligence this time around is a lot more specific and points directly to the Lashkar-e-Toiba.


Panicky US issues advisory against travelling to India

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Women ‘terrorists’ come to the fore

And to think that they can stay under the safety of a burqa.  Also without being subjected to the usual checks men go through, it is going to be a cakewalk for them. Whatever happened to the shriah law that women have to stay in the confines of their home and not come out without being accompanied by a male relative? I guess all is fair in jihad

In the last two days, two women have been killed in encounters in the district and with the involvement of more and more women in terrorist activities coming to the fore, experts feel security forces need to come up with new strategies.

Dilshada is the second woman overground worker for militants to be killed in Doda district in the past 2 days. Dilshada was killed in an encounter in which a Hizbul militant, a jawan and a policemen were also killed. Security forces say, another militant for whom Dilshada worked, escaped.

A couple of days ago, another woman overground worker, Zahida  was killed in an encounter. She’s believed to be an accomplice of one of the two Lashkar men shot dead in the operation. More and more women aiding terrorist activity, experts say is a fresh challenge.

“We have a situation in which women are today providing peripheral support, but we must be also mentally prepared that a time might come in which some of them will actually be wielding the weapons,” said M M Khajuria, Former DGP J&K.

In the past several women have been arrested for being overground workers. In 2007, Nahida, a law student was arrested for allegedly working for the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.

With two women overground workers killed in just two days in Doda, and more and more women getting involved in terrorist activities, it should clearly be a worrying trend for the security forces, more so at a time when elections are taking place.

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A lawyer for Kasab?

Should the poor 21 year old kid who murdered 100’s of innocent people in Mumbai be given a counsel? The “jihadist” (in his own words) whose swagger with an automatic weapon in hand, became the image of last year, be given a chance to defend himself in court?

Why does a court need to have a defence to presecute some one whose crimes were videotaped and photographed. Isnt the ‘evidence of a billion and more people watching TV isnt enough to pronounce

Ajmal Amir Butcher

Ajmal Amir Butcher

him guilty? What will the defence lawyer defend against? and what will he plead? Not guilty? And if he wants to plead guilty, why the lawyer? Hell the whole world knows it and most importnatly “seen” it.
Ok fine a civilised nation needs to put him on trail before sentencing him, but What will they do there? A judge will listen to the presecution and nod his head (unless he has been sleeping for the last two months) and the presecution will rest its case. Defence will take over and Plead guilty and rest their case. The whole world knows he is guilty and the law will take its own course and the court will sentence him , probably to death. Its another point of debate that the likes of , well lets not name people , but there will be a few pseudo-intellectual’s who will cry foul and would want to stop the sentence, another set of people will talk about minority rights and stuff, and one billion people glued to their television trying to figure out what the hell is happening, and the media will sell the news along with groceries and sanitary napkins.
But really, isnt it a criminal waste of time of the court to even have a trail for some one like him?
A better way should be the judge pronounces the sentence in another couple of days and tells it to the world” We find Ajmal Kasab Gulity and is sentenced to death… Ok thats the end of that, now get on with yourlives, we will take care of the nitty gritties of the noose and the neck”.
Yes he shouldnt be killed now because he is a source of information. Get everything out of him and then give him a biryani and butterchicken as a last meal.

Yes I sound like a barbarian talking about killing people, but there are crimes for which i believe the guilty should be given capital punishment, like rape and murder.
But with him i would want to get more barbaric.Now that the muslims arond the world have declared that Terrorists are not muslims, and that Kasab was a terrorist, its safe to conclude that he is not a muslim. And since he was fighting for a place in the heaven I would suggest that he be shot to death with bullets laced with the lard of a pig. That way we can close the gates of heaven on him forever, and can send out a message to the other potential kasab’s
Yes it sounds crude but what the hell? I dont think any one should be offended. Yea its another story that the pigs might not like it, and the will protest against using their lard on some terrorists body. But well protests are not new are they?
And there are other benefits too. There will be a novelist who will write the heart rendering story of a knight who came from a paradise to save the opressed people, but was killed by the scheming NSG commandos of the Lowly country, and that he was tortured to and died a martyr…… the west will lap it up and may be novelist will get a booker prize for it. Wow isnt that great for india??

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