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Brace up for another 26/11

Now that Pakistan has freed 26/11 accused Hafiz Saeed, its just a matter of time before he can plot another attack on the Indian soil. Actually he can use Qasab again, we are not keen on persecuting him anyway,and he has got the experience of waging jihad on India.  Also the judge who acquitted Hafiz has said that “it was not binding under Pakistani laws to implement UN Security Council resolutions”. Infact its not binding on Pakistan to follow anything apart from the shariah law, we all know that.

Original Article: Pak frees 26/11 accused Hafiz Saeed

Pakistani authorities have freed detained Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the leader of Lashkar-e-Toiba front Jamaat-ud-Dawa from house arrest in his house in eastern Pakistan on Tuesday. The release was ordered by the Lahore High Court.

Saeed had been put under house arrest on Thursday December 11, 1008 following international hue and cry over the JuD’s involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks of 26 November 2008.

In December 2008, the UN Security Council had listed the group as a front for LeT. Saeed’s home in Johar Town area of Lahore was declared a “sub-jail”.

Saeed’s associates freed too

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India among world’s most terror-afflicted countries: US

The Big brother has spoken about the anti-terrorism apparatus on our country. Not withstanding US’ own botched up plan in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan(that inlcudes pakistan) , the report makes some facts clear.

  • We have no courage to persecute the terrorists (sounds true).
  • The terrorists are funded by wealthy donors (they mean the D company as well?)
  • We have three threats from pakistan, bangladesh and the worst of all, home grown.
  • Atleast we dont have our scientists selling the nuclear assets to some one, that way we are safe custodians of nuclear tech.
  • We have a good anti-terrorism policy (ON PAPER?)
  • While tackling the Jihadis we still have the Maoists and the ethno-linguistic nationalists in northeastern states on our plate.

Whoa, I think we can kiss “peace” good bye for a long time Continue reading

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What if Kasab is a minor?


Doctors confirm that Kasab is an Adult. So everything is not that bad after all. Sometimes paranoia sets in with so many killers around.


Tests are underway to determine if the Kasai from Pakistan who butchered people in Bombay is a minor or not. Several doctors, rasiologists etc. are trying to figure out if he was less than 18 while the shootout happened. How does that affect the trial, well hold your breath.

“If he is a minor then the case will be shifted to a juvenile court and according to the Juvenile Justice Act the maximum punishment meted out will be three years,” defence lawyer Abbas Kazmi said.

What a Shame. What a mockery of Indian lives, that too in India. The butcher might just get 3 Years in juvenile prison where he can have his biryani and get fat before he goes back home to pakistan. What in the name of god are we telling the world? And what in the name of hell are you telling the jihadis? We are making it clear to them that next time you plan a fidayeen  attack on India, choose terorists who are less than 18 years old, they will do the job for you. They will kill scores of people in Indian and the maximum punishment that they will recieve is 3 years in a juvenile prison.

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Kasab oblivious to seriousness of charges: Lawyer

Well then why dont we make him aware of the seriousness and just hang him (and not shooting please, shooting is for soldiers not terrorists) . Why do we have to always drag our court cases till the whole world laughs at us, and in the mean time give them more reasons to laugh because of the faux pas by our babus. I guess we have gotten a hang out of the never ending daily soaps on TV and want to make one from this story as well..

Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab does not understand the gravity of the Mumbai terror attacks case or the charges against him, senior criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi said after being appointed to defend him on Thursday.


“It is clear from the way he was laughing and giggling in the Special Court on Wednesday and Thursday that Kasab has no inkling of the seriousness of the case against him,” Kazmi said.


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20-ft tunnel, Rs 2 crore to keep Kasab safe in Mumbai

It must be real fun to be taken care of by the kafirs whom he came to kill.  But then its a shame that we are stopping him from getting his 72 virgins in heaven.

Mumbai: It is possibly the costliest piece of real estate being built in Mumbai and it is coming up inside the walls of the Arthur road prison at a cost of Rs 2 crore for 20 feet.

Over 250 workers are working round the clock to finish a special corridor to take 26/11 accused Mohammed Ajmal Kasab from his cell to the special court inside the jail and back. The corridor will be bomb, bullet and chemical weapons proof.

It is believed that the special court and Kasab’s cell are also being reinforced with iron plates. Also, Kasab’s cell, the corridor and the special court will be centrally air conditioned.

Surveillance cameras will keep a 24-hour watch in the cell, along the corridor and inside the court.

This is for the first time in India’s history that Rs 2 crore is being spent on security for a terrorist. For the police, it is money well spent, keeping in mind the threat to Kasab’s life.

The jail itself will be turned into a fortress. A battalion of armed paramilitary personnel will be manning it 24/7. The Mumbai crime branch has also asked for ITBP personnel for the three-tier security arrangement.

Paramilitary personnel will patrol the corridor and the area outside Kasab’s cell. Commandos will be placed outside the special court too.

“We are making all necessary arrangements for Kasab’s security. We have asked the Centre for their best commandoes so that his security is complete,” State Home Minister, Maharashtra, Jayant Patil said.

The trial is expected to start by the end of March and throughout the proceedings Kasab will remain chained.

For the Mumbai Police the first challenge is to ensure Kasab’s security. The bigger task of presenting evidence and securing a conviction comes next.

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Hand over Kasab to us: Pak Minister tells India

Sure Mr.Qureshi, we will hand him over, but please make sure that he is given VIP treatment, after all he should be a hero for pakistan. And while you are at it do send some more talibanised youths from pakistan to India to kill many more people. After they have done their job of killing the kafirs we will send them back to pakistan. Does that sound like a good plan to you?

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has once again reiterated Islambad’s position that the lone terrorist captured alive during the Mumbai terror attacks, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, should be handed over to them.

In an interview to BBC Urdu, Qureshi said, “If Kasab is Pakistani citizen, India should not have problems in handing him over.”

Qureshi said that if Kasab has admitted to his role in the Mumbai terror attacks then he should be tried in Pakistan.

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‘Ajmal in good health’

Saw the reports in the media about Ajmal Kasab being alive and in good health.

“Mohammed Ajmal Amir, the lone terrorist to be captured alive during the 26/11 strikes, has completely recovered from his wounds and “is in good health”, a senior crime branch officer told DNA on Wednesday.”

Thank goodness he is alive and in good health. Are you guys giving him his favourite biryani and chicken? And also please provide him with some good designer clothes to wear. He must also be very bored sitting alone in the prison, please take him out on a tour of mumbai.  Also please give him a notepad and a pen so that he can make a note of the important places in mumbai. And after he is finished please post his findings to his Aaka’s in pakistan so that they can plan another attack on mumbai.

And yeah also let him meet the pseudo intellectuals  of india so that they can formulate a plan  and submit a memorandum to the government stating that Ajmal is being tortured because he is from the minority community. And yes may be Arundhati Roy can take him along with her to Kashmir and show him the place that he was fighting for(well thats what she thinks).

You can also increase the taxes in India and use that tax money to build him a good home and buy him some fertile land somewhere in india. He can stay there and start a family. He can also probably given some piece of land to start a terrorist training camp.

This post is not directed to someone , rather anyone. Its just a rant to vent.

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A lawyer for Kasab?

Should the poor 21 year old kid who murdered 100’s of innocent people in Mumbai be given a counsel? The “jihadist” (in his own words) whose swagger with an automatic weapon in hand, became the image of last year, be given a chance to defend himself in court?

Why does a court need to have a defence to presecute some one whose crimes were videotaped and photographed. Isnt the ‘evidence of a billion and more people watching TV isnt enough to pronounce

Ajmal Amir Butcher

Ajmal Amir Butcher

him guilty? What will the defence lawyer defend against? and what will he plead? Not guilty? And if he wants to plead guilty, why the lawyer? Hell the whole world knows it and most importnatly “seen” it.
Ok fine a civilised nation needs to put him on trail before sentencing him, but What will they do there? A judge will listen to the presecution and nod his head (unless he has been sleeping for the last two months) and the presecution will rest its case. Defence will take over and Plead guilty and rest their case. The whole world knows he is guilty and the law will take its own course and the court will sentence him , probably to death. Its another point of debate that the likes of , well lets not name people , but there will be a few pseudo-intellectual’s who will cry foul and would want to stop the sentence, another set of people will talk about minority rights and stuff, and one billion people glued to their television trying to figure out what the hell is happening, and the media will sell the news along with groceries and sanitary napkins.
But really, isnt it a criminal waste of time of the court to even have a trail for some one like him?
A better way should be the judge pronounces the sentence in another couple of days and tells it to the world” We find Ajmal Kasab Gulity and is sentenced to death… Ok thats the end of that, now get on with yourlives, we will take care of the nitty gritties of the noose and the neck”.
Yes he shouldnt be killed now because he is a source of information. Get everything out of him and then give him a biryani and butterchicken as a last meal.

Yes I sound like a barbarian talking about killing people, but there are crimes for which i believe the guilty should be given capital punishment, like rape and murder.
But with him i would want to get more barbaric.Now that the muslims arond the world have declared that Terrorists are not muslims, and that Kasab was a terrorist, its safe to conclude that he is not a muslim. And since he was fighting for a place in the heaven I would suggest that he be shot to death with bullets laced with the lard of a pig. That way we can close the gates of heaven on him forever, and can send out a message to the other potential kasab’s
Yes it sounds crude but what the hell? I dont think any one should be offended. Yea its another story that the pigs might not like it, and the will protest against using their lard on some terrorists body. But well protests are not new are they?
And there are other benefits too. There will be a novelist who will write the heart rendering story of a knight who came from a paradise to save the opressed people, but was killed by the scheming NSG commandos of the Lowly country, and that he was tortured to and died a martyr…… the west will lap it up and may be novelist will get a booker prize for it. Wow isnt that great for india??

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