Hindu Statement

Its not a Religious Statement, Its a Cultural Statement!!!

Madrasa students now eligible for government jobs


Oh yeah!! What more do we need? Minority appeasement at its very best.
Before you start making “facist/hindutva” noises at me, just think it over. A certificate that equates children who study science, maths, english, social and stuff like that with children who study the Quran and the Hadith?? How much more can these politicians stoop to?
No I am not against the madarasas or the muslims, but religious education enough for a job?? So some one educated in a  madrasa can apply for the job of a scientist? And research what about the quran?
Then why dont they issue a doctorate to the people teaching in the madarasas?Mullahs are they called? They surely can write a thesis about Quran and the Hadith for sure!!
Hell the best thing would be to reserver 30% seats for madrasa educated youth in any goverment jobs. I suggest there should be reservations in the private sectors as well. How dare the private companies reject madarasa edcated youth ina job interview. They know the Quran by heart, what more is there to be learnt in this world?

Why do they stop with just muslims, lets give the same certificate for brahmin kids learning the mantras, and confer a doctorate to all the priests in the temples. and lets do the same with christians , sikhs and all other religions.

God why dont these politicians die when there is a terrorist attack? Why is it always the poor Indian?

Hey i have a few other suggestions too..
Why not confer the status of corporal, general , luietinent major etc to the terrorists who can wield the gun and fight? after all, the army is doing the same thing.

Also give a praticing license and MBBS certificate to the roadside hakeem with tents.

Give an engineering degree to all the mechanics and other people working in the engineering field

How about a civil engineering degree to the Mason

Hey isnt a pilots license great for a kite flyer?

Was some one asking why the majority community is getting alienated from the minority?

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