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India, from the other side of the fence.

“The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence” . Not just the grass, from the indian side everything looks green on the other side of the fence. Blame it on the fast paced Islamization of that country. But from their side , it looks like the only color they are seeing is saffron.

Dawn.com has an article on the plight of the muslims in Gujarat and am sure that there is a good chance that the article has been “Teestalized” (Dont bother to look for the meaning of the word. I am just using it to denote all reports that are fabricated during the gujarat riots to bring a bad name to Modi and also to show a bad image of the country in front of the world. Did I mention that the reports have to be fabricated and gruesome)

Below are a few excerpts from the article.

Since 2002, when the worst riots since India’s partition left an estimated 2,000 Muslims dead in the western state of Gujarat, thousands have been pushed off the map and have little faith in the world’s largest democracy.

2000 Muslims were killed?? Really? So the hindus who were killed during the riot converted their religion to Islam after death? Well it has to be so because the total number of death itself is around 2000 if not less, so where will you account the Hindu deaths?

‘How would you feel if you have to live below a mountain of litter and drink polluted water everyday?’ said Riana Bano, a Muslim widow and mother of four girls.

We are a poor country, and that is the fate of many other people, yes including hindus, at many places around the country. We are trying to improve the situation but it does take time. And yes we do agree that the corrupt politicians are not helping one bit, but we are trying. And No its not a situation of the muslims alone.

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Sanjay Dutt – Another exploited Muslim???

How does the Media define a communal speech?? I am guessing that the rules would be something similar to below.

  • When a Hindu says something against the minorities it is communal speech(anything that does not closely match to “Minority Zindabad” has to be termed communal).
  • Some one else says something wrong about the whole system of the country, which in turn will squarely lay the blame on a hindu majority India, citing his minority tag has to be labled as secular.

Varun Gandhi gets targeted for his speech , sent to jail and is ridiculed by the whole media and the so called secularists. He is asked by his christian cousin to read the Gita. He is considered to be a grave threat to India’s secularism and the Politicos fall head over heels to spew venom on him.

Ok the speech was probably uncalled for , he should have stopped at cutting the hands of the anti nationals and not get into the minority religion  in general. All said and done, he is doing the same thing that the other ‘secular’ parties doing, just that he is supporting the Hindus.

We are a country where the sikhs are butchered and not a single person who is the main culprit gets arrested, while we crush a 29 year old for hate speech. Does he have a previous history of violence or aggresion against minorities? NO? Yet he is almost taken to the gallows for hate speech against minorities.

Now lets look at a very “Secular Leader” Sanjay Dutt.

‘Meri maa Musalman thi isiliye mera utpeedan kiya gaya…isiliye mujh par TADA lagaya gaya tha (since my mother was a Muslim, I was exploited. That was the reason why TADA was slapped on me),’

An “Actor” who lived under the warmth of the love of millions of his fans most of whom were hindus. He screwed up his life and career many times and still the people welcomed him back , again most of them hindus. After all the love he has got from this land, he says he is exploited because he was a muslim. If there was such an exploitation why in the world he would have been such a famous actor, in hindu majority India? His mother was exploited because she was a muslim? Oh come on, she was probably a more loved actor than himself,  again in Hindu majority India.

If he really was exploited why did he not come out in the open when he was enjoying the lavish life that was accorded to him because of the people of India? How is it that he remembers these exploitation when he comes on a dias of a “secular party” like SP and that too during the elections? Well its anybody’s guess.

And talking about being exploited because of his religion, does he remember TADA was slapped in him for the posession of AK47? Not a licensed pistol or a rifle, but AK47, when at that time it was available only with the Army or with Terrorists. He was not in the army for sure.

Who gave it to him  and what was he doing with it? Scratching his back??

Doing gandhigiri in movies does not qualify you as a respected man Mr. Dutt, really not.

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`All means will be used to end terror coming from Pakistan,’ says Pranab

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said that India would use all means at its disposal to end terror coming from Pakistan. But coming from a party that is steeped in favoritism, I am assuming that these were the ideas going on in his mind (and the minds of the congress think tank) when the minister made his statement.

  1. Since the terrorists are creating the problem because of Kashmir and Gujarat, we are planning to part with these two states and give them to Pakistan as a mark of friendship.
  2. Also since Himachal is bordering with J&K, we might as well give HP to them, that way they will be very sure that we mean peace.
  3. We will change our constitution to incorporate taliban style laws in India. This way the terrorists will not be offended and there will not be any more blood shed.
  4. All the terrorist (actually we dont call them terrorists, its the right wing) who are languishing in the jails will be released and compensated with land, job and money by the Indian Government.
  5. We are planning to remove the CBSE certification to all CBSE schools and give them only to the madrasas in what will be left out of India.
  6. Also the bangladeshi (illegal) immigrants feel very tired after a walk from their country into West Bengal, so we plan to fly Air India flight’s (for free) to and from various points in Bangladesh to bring the immigrants into India fully rejuvenated.
  7. We do have a plan to give West Bengal to Bangladesh but then the “left wing” is opposing the move as they want to “gift” West Bengal to China. We are in talks with the “left wing” and will decide on it ASAP.
  8. We are also willing to give them land and military training for jihadi operations if they promise not to use the training on Indians (but they will be allowed to use the “right wing” as target practice)

Long Live Italy…Errr Sorry …India

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Fatwa against BSP’s ‘Jai Bhim’ slogan

Really no comments from me on this one, just laughs.

JAI HIND!! (oops was that blasphemous?)

A leading Islamic seminary has issued a decree declaring the BSP slogan of ‘Jai Bhim’ as un-Islamic and violative of Shariat.

In the fatwa, the Dar-ul Uloom said that the slogan, invoking Dalit leader Bhimrao Ambedkar, was “against the Islamic law as the religion does not permit such a prayer for anyone except Allah”.

The fatwa was issued by chief Mufti Habibur Rehman, Mufti Mehmood and Mufti Zeulislam on Saturday on a query raised by a medico M Mehraj Khan, seminary sources said.

While the decree has sparked concern in the BSP, especially among its Muslim leaders, a cleric from the seminary Asad Madani who recently joined the party said that the slogan was not a “compulsion” for the party workers. Backing the fatwa, Madani said it was based on Shariat law.

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Madrasa students now eligible for government jobs


Oh yeah!! What more do we need? Minority appeasement at its very best.
Before you start making “facist/hindutva” noises at me, just think it over. A certificate that equates children who study science, maths, english, social and stuff like that with children who study the Quran and the Hadith?? How much more can these politicians stoop to?
No I am not against the madarasas or the muslims, but religious education enough for a job?? So some one educated in a  madrasa can apply for the job of a scientist? And research what about the quran?
Then why dont they issue a doctorate to the people teaching in the madarasas?Mullahs are they called? They surely can write a thesis about Quran and the Hadith for sure!!
Hell the best thing would be to reserver 30% seats for madrasa educated youth in any goverment jobs. I suggest there should be reservations in the private sectors as well. How dare the private companies reject madarasa edcated youth ina job interview. They know the Quran by heart, what more is there to be learnt in this world?

Why do they stop with just muslims, lets give the same certificate for brahmin kids learning the mantras, and confer a doctorate to all the priests in the temples. and lets do the same with christians , sikhs and all other religions.

God why dont these politicians die when there is a terrorist attack? Why is it always the poor Indian?

Hey i have a few other suggestions too..
Why not confer the status of corporal, general , luietinent major etc to the terrorists who can wield the gun and fight? after all, the army is doing the same thing.

Also give a praticing license and MBBS certificate to the roadside hakeem with tents.

Give an engineering degree to all the mechanics and other people working in the engineering field

How about a civil engineering degree to the Mason

Hey isnt a pilots license great for a kite flyer?

Was some one asking why the majority community is getting alienated from the minority?

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Minority Report

For the last 60 years appeasement policies of different political parties of all hues has had the country divided along the lines of religion and caste. Minority policies and the reservation system has combined to form a potent brew of hatred in a country of largely peace loving people.
Shouldnt a country’s minority policy be applied to people who are aliens to the indian subcontinent and not forming a part of the indian culture? How many Muslims/Christians etc form this chunk? Why have a minority policy for people of different religions with a Indian background. Almost all the religious minorities have their roots in India, not any other country!
Their ancestors converted mostly by force , few by greed of wealth, some due to ignorance and a lot( some are still getting converted) because they were offered food/shelter in lieu for their religion, when they were hungry. But they surely did not come from elsewhere. They were and still form a part of the majority called Indians.
And why have a minority policy at all in a democratic setup?? Why is it that we do not have a uniform civil code across the country? A civil code that completely seperates religion from the running of the state? A religion is a personal choice and thats what it should be – A personal choice.
The only result that minority appeasement has given us is hatred. The majority crying foul about appeasement and the minority saying they are not allowed to join the mainstream.
For the sake of an argument we can consider that it helps improve the lives of minorities (e.g. Muslims) ? But the question is how and by when? Isnt 60 years enough for the minority to reach the levels of the majority community and join the mainstream? If 60 years isnt enough then we will have to agree that “forever” is also not enough.
I think that the problem with the muslim community largely lies with themselves and cannot be helped by the minoritism of the Indian Government. Isnt it clear that the muslims who wanted to come into the mainstream and become successful have become so( without the help of the minority policies). I dont think that I need to give examples because they are all around us, living a normal life just like the others.
Now that we can eliminate the minority among the minorities who go to school/coolege get an education and land up in jobs like the majority lets focus on the remiander.
Nothing is actually stopping them but them selves.
What stops a Muslim from sending his son/daughter to school? Why does a muslim have to send his kids to a madrasa and not a school that arms kids for the future in this corporate world. There is nothing wrong in a madrasa education, but then does ONLY a madrasa education suffice? In an Islamic nation it might, but not in a democratic setup.
And when a company is hiring people to a job i think Religion is one of their last priorities. No one looks at what religion a candidate is from to take a call of hiring them. The only criteria would be how well he meets the requirement for the job.
But the problem arises for the kids who are sent to madarasas which teaches the holy Quran. However good the intention of the parent is to send his ward to a madrasa, I really dont think they are taught anything apart from the Quran or the hadith. Now tell me one company which would be willing to hire a person just because he is well versed with reciting the Quran or for that matter The Gita, and knows not of anything else. I for sure will not, If I ever own a company.
By agreeing to be “appeased” by the political parties , the muslim community has only done more harm to itself than anything good. They should realise that this kind of policies were started off by the british to divide the country on religious lines. they have done a very good job out of it, but do we still have to follow it and yearn for it??
Its time that we call the economically poor as Majority and the rich as minority and put in some policies for this majority.

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