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Pub Bharo or Glass Bharo??

Now that the “chaddi andolan” and the “pub bharo andolan” has gained momentum, I was wondering if the same enthusiasm will be there for all the other crimes against women.

My dislike though is for the “pub bharo andolan” by Ms. Renuka Choudary (Union Minister of Women and Child Development) who has urged everyone to fill into the pub on Valentine’s Day.  I have not seen her on TV asking kids to “school bharo”  or any other andolans remotely helping the poor and needy women of India. Then why this overwhelming support for a “pub bharo”?

Let’s get our facts clear, Everyone(save for a few hooligans), in this country condemn the incident that happened in the pub and they condemn it “Left , Right and Center” and will support a protest against such acts. But what most of them can’t relate to is the pub bharo andolan, because they don’t frequent the pubs and don’t associate a pub with their life style. Most of India is poor and have got families to run and money to save for their kids and future needs, than get sloshed in a pub with that money. And that is the real India, a place where pubs doesn’t even come into the radar of the majority of the population.

The only outcome from this seems to be that a few elitists will get their regular quota of booze and some publicity.

I dont see any other reason as to why we have not seen any kind of such andolans by these people when women of the lower strata of the society are targeted by such hooligans every day?  Is it because these hooligans have not interrupted their booze party?  Looks like as long as anyone does not mess with their glass they are blissfully unaware of the plight of women in India, but when some  antisocial group says that they won’t allow women to drink at pubs, the feminists in them stands up (a bit shaky though, because of the booze).

A few questions that remain to be answered are:

  1. Where are they, when women in villages have to walk miles for a pitcher of drinking water?
  2. Where are they, when women in villages have to get up long before sunrise or stay  late after sunset to attend natures calls, because they don’t have a basic toilet?
  3. Where are they when men come home drunk and beat up their wives?
  4. Where are they when there are dowry deaths and dowry related atrocities?
  5. Where are they when the women who actually and truly needs to be liberated is dying under the burden of atrocities?

Ah, I guess I know, they were having their drink.

A protest is required to condemn attacks on women, but “pub bharo” doesn’t hit the target, it will give you a high though. A relay protest in front of the police commissioner’s office until justice prevails would have bought in more support.

Cheers Anyway

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