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Kasab oblivious to seriousness of charges: Lawyer

Well then why dont we make him aware of the seriousness and just hang him (and not shooting please, shooting is for soldiers not terrorists) . Why do we have to always drag our court cases till the whole world laughs at us, and in the mean time give them more reasons to laugh because of the faux pas by our babus. I guess we have gotten a hang out of the never ending daily soaps on TV and want to make one from this story as well..

Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab does not understand the gravity of the Mumbai terror attacks case or the charges against him, senior criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi said after being appointed to defend him on Thursday.


“It is clear from the way he was laughing and giggling in the Special Court on Wednesday and Thursday that Kasab has no inkling of the seriousness of the case against him,” Kazmi said.


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UK’s anti-terror raids.

Why cant we have such raids in India. Why is that the police go behind the terrorists only after thety have created havoc. In case there is a news of a terror attack they should go full throttle and raid the suspected places. I dont think any Indian would be averse to that…….or would they?

London: British police on Wednesday arrested 12 men in a series of anti-terrorist raids involving hundreds of officers across northwest England.

Greater Manchester Police said the suspects were detained under the Terrorism Act at eight addresses in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool and the surrounding area, about 200 miles (320 kilometres) northwest of London.

Police were searching several properties, including an Internet cafe, in the working-class Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, which has a large south Asian community.

Witnesses said another raid was at Liverpool’s John Moores University.

Sky News broadcast the mobile phone video and still images of the university raid.

Police said the suspects ranged in age from a youth in his mid-teens to a 41-year-old man but would not give any details of the alleged plot.

The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that most of those arrested were Pakistani nationals but the Associated Press had no independent confirmation of this.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the country’s top law-and-order official, said she and the prime minister had been kept informed about the raids, but stressed that the decision to carry out the raids had been “an operational decision for the police and the security services”.

Police would not confirm reports in British the media that the arrests were triggered after a senior officer inadvertently leaked details of a secret anti-terrorism operation.

Britain’s top counterterrorism officer, Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick was photographed entering Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office on Wednesday morning holding a dossier on which details of an ongoing intelligence operation were visible.

The Metropolitan Police said Quick had apologised to the chief of the force for the lapse.

Smith on Wednesday refused to be comment on calls for the assistant commissioner’s resignation, saying that “the focus is the ongoing operation”.

The British government currently assesses the country’s terror threat level as “severe”, the second highest of five possible ratings.

It has been at that level or higher since suicide bombers with ties to Pakistan killed 52 commuters on London’s bus and underground system on July 7, 2005.

Since then, two other major attempted attacks in Britain have failed.

Two weeks after the July 7 attacks, a group of men attempted a similar strike against the city’s transport network – but their bombs failed to detonate.

In 2007, attempted car bombings in London’s theatre district and at Glasgow airport also failed.

Intelligence and security officials say more than a dozen other attempted attacks have been thwarted since 2001.

They include an alleged 2006 plot to blow up trans-Atlantic jetliners in mid-air, for which eight men are on trial.

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Gunmen shoot Sri Lanka cricketers

Its time that the pakistanis start calling terrorists as terrorists. They cannot become Freedom fighters when they reach Kashmir and become terrorists when they start firing in Pakistan. What was the Srilankan team really thinking when they agreed to tour pakistan? that terrorists were their friends and would not harm them? Well I guess they had a very bad wakeup call.

Wondering if Akram still stands by his reprive of India not playing cricket after 26/11.

And also read this remark by a pakistani minister. (Source BBC)

“But a Pakistani minister, Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, reportedly told private Geo TV that evidence suggested the attackers came across the border from India.

He said the assault came in reaction to the Mumbai attacks, and was a “declaration of open war on Pakistan by India”.”

I agree it must be the hand of the RSS and Israel , working together to bring them down.

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Hand over Kasab to us: Pak Minister tells India

Sure Mr.Qureshi, we will hand him over, but please make sure that he is given VIP treatment, after all he should be a hero for pakistan. And while you are at it do send some more talibanised youths from pakistan to India to kill many more people. After they have done their job of killing the kafirs we will send them back to pakistan. Does that sound like a good plan to you?

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has once again reiterated Islambad’s position that the lone terrorist captured alive during the Mumbai terror attacks, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, should be handed over to them.

In an interview to BBC Urdu, Qureshi said, “If Kasab is Pakistani citizen, India should not have problems in handing him over.”

Qureshi said that if Kasab has admitted to his role in the Mumbai terror attacks then he should be tried in Pakistan.

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