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Election Postmortem.

The Election festival is over and the results announced.  I might not be very happy about the outcome :-), but Congratulations to the congress for such a spectacular win.

There are a few quite notable things in this election which stood out.

The mood of the people for a national party is probably the best thing that happened in this election. Almost all the smaller, opportunistic parties which were mostly running as family business, have been shown their place. Yes  not all have been drubbed yet and I hope that they will be shown the door in the next election and we will get to see less of these parties at the Lok Sabha level.  I guess the most ideal situation would be to have these regional parties win the assembly elections  and the national parties win the Lok Sabha.

Thank god that we have been saved the nuisance of these small parties thumping their chest and asking for the larger piece of the pie. Thank god we wont have to see parites with just a couple of MP’s threaten to bring down a government because their cup of tea did not have the righ amount of sugar (well they are capable of it). Noe they can all go back to their respective states and lick ther wounds and may be get on with their work, like builng their own statues.

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